Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hobart Bound

Hello lovely friends!

Wow, so much filling in to do!!  We have crammed so much in, spent time with family and seen so many beautiful places that I just have not had time to sit and blog … or even download the thousand odd photos I have clicked off for that matter.  So as not to overload, I think I’ll have to update my blog in installments!!   No time for editing photos either, so what you see is just real life snaps…  in the raw, so to speak!
Here is a little snippet, carrying on where I left off:

Day Seven |  21 Dec 2012 -  Following a couple of nights in the lovely historic little town of Tocumwal, just on the border of NSW and Victoria, we set off over the mighty Murray River and landed on Victorian soil.

Just seconds afterwards, Lachy decrees ‘I love Victoria!’…  to everyone’s amusement.   It isn’t long before I notice that almost every home we pass has a chimney – something you don’t see a lot of in Central Queensland!!    It is a really pretty drive and to a family who is quite accustomed to traveling long distances in a day, it isn’t long at all until we find ourselves on the outskirts of Melbourne.  Coop was pretty thrilled to see this sign ...

... and was fairly keen for me to take a photo of it.  Before long we are checking into the yet another caravan park in readiness for the next leg of the journey tomorrow… the plane trip.

Day Eight |  22 Dec 2012 -  Hello/Goodbye to Melbourne and onto a plane bound for Hobart.  Troy will travel onto Devenport via ferry with the camper tomorrow morning.  It is a full day’s sailing for him, and not a very interesting one I’m afraid.  Good thing mum and dad will be keeping him company and taking the ferry with their caravan too.  The kids have all flown before, but Lachy was only a baby when he last flew, so it is all new to him.  There were tears and anxious moments for him as we took our seats and belted ourselves in.  Following take-off and during our ascent he informed me oh-so-solemnly that he doesn’t like planes much, despite the fact that I had him wedged between Maddi and myself, so that we could both reassure and comfort him as much as possible. 

After we had safely touched down in Hobart following a smooth flight, he announced with a grin from ear to ear that he ‘loves’ planes.  We’ll see if he’s still feeling the love on our return trip next month. 
Aunty Marg was waiting at the airport, so home to Bellerive we go, with the most fantastic views across Hobart, directly overlooking Bellerive Oval, home to many an international cricket match.

Day Ten |  24 Dec 2012 -  Christmas Eve and Mum, Dad and Troy arrive in Hobart, albeit a little later than expected.  One hour out of Hobart our car engine exploded and the poor Prado and camper were towed into Hobart on a truck, whilst Troy hitched a ride with my folks.  Nothing can be done about it on Christmas Eve, so we decide to make the most of a frustrating situation and enjoy the festive occasion regardless and get caught up in the magic of Christmas … things could have been so much worse after all!

Thanks for tagging along on our little journey... back with more soon!  :)


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Sandra said...

Julie lovely to follow your travels through Aus. We hired a motorhome in Tassie a few years ago but would love to take our caravan if it wasn't so expensive on the boat. I think Tassie is one of the most beautiful places in Aus. Enjoy your holiday and we look forward to the scrap pages in 2013.