Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Hi Everyone!!!

Hope you are well and recovered from a really fun and over-indulgent Christmas like me!!  I think my poor digestive system is still battling to find some semblence of  'normal'.

We had a fabulous day with my family... mum, dad, sister and brother-in-law... and of course our four littlies.  This is my favourite photo from Christmas Day and it has nothing to do with kids opening presents!  First thing in the morning, the kids all came in to bed with us... before even having a peek at the cache under the tree!!  Shame one of us had to take the photo, but six of us in the bed was a bit of an exercise in engineering.  And yep... i'm already in the process of putting it on a page!  hehe

And for my birthday on the 28th, i was treated to a really lovely day... lunch in the city, followed by a night at the Hilton, while mum and dad babbysat for us.  Just having babysitters is a real treat for us as we don't live near family.  I had a really lovely time, and even managed to do a little shopping in the Myer sale too!!  woo hoooo.

I'm doing a bit of scrapping while visiting at mum and dad's, but unfortunately nothing i can show right now... will be able to reveal a couple of little surprises soon!!

Hoping we will be able to get home in a couple of weeks time and that the roads will be safe for traveling by then, as we would normally drive through towns that have been the most badly affected by all of this rain and subsequent flooding.  I know a couple of my scrapping buddies are out that way, so really hoping you are all ok!

Wishing you all a happy and safe New Year, thanks for all of the support and lovely comments throughout this year and here's hoping for more and more creative opportunities for 2011 together!

Love and hugs,


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Here I am!

Yep, still here.... haven't quite fallen off the face of the earth yet!  Just ridiculously busy!!  hehe.  Gotta keep laughing, because if i don't i'm likely to curl up into the fetal position, rock back and forth and dribble all over myself!!

We went away for the weekend just gone (who does that??... goes away just for the weekend before Christmas??).  We got back yesterday, now i am madly washing and packing for our two day road trip and bi-annual pilgrimage to Brisbane to spend Christmas with extended family.  We were scheduled to leave on Thursday, which gave me an extra day to play with, but we decided to leave a day early in the hopes that we might be able to avoid all this rain and road closures.  We have had such heavy rainfalls that only a drizzle will have all the creeks back up and crossings closed.... and more heavy falls are predicted closer to the weekend.  It would really break my heart (and that of the kids) if we couldn't make it to nanny and poppy's for Christmas..... not to mention what it would do to nanny and poppy!

I haven't been near the puter much at all this past week, save to print out pics for my DD album and keep it up to date..... and i am up to date, unbelieveably!!  Got up at 5:30am this morning to update my pages from the weekend.  What a weirdo right?!!  I have packed so much scrapping stuff to go away with, its just not funny.  Actually i think it's funny, but i'm really testing dh's is patience and understanding!! LOL

Thought i might share a couple of my favourite pics from the last couple of days, while visiting friends out of town.  And of course they all feature in my DD:

 looks like a little ringer.... so cute

 Love this pic... probably because i love this place!
Home to my hairdresser and good friend....

No summer party is complete without wet babes!

... and just because the stormy summer skies have been just amazing lately.
We are always watching them, camera trigger finger at the ready!

Thanks for visiting and i'd like to wish you all a fabulous Christmas and a safe and happy holiday, filled with lots of love, laughter and fun times.  I really appreciate all the lovely comments and the time and effort it takes to stop and share a little love.  It means so much.

Be back soon.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December Daily : Day 1-10

OMGosh... sorry guys, this is huge!  (kinda makes up for being a little absent of late... i've just been soo busy!)... who's Doing December Daily and loving it?  me, me, me.... !

Whilst it's fabulous and really makes you focus on the day, I am finding it a little time consuming.  I really have to fine tune it for next year i think... have more 'ready made' tags and journaling blocks pre-prepared.

Here are days 1-10.... it've actually done up to 12, but i thought ten days was enough to try and digest at once... and to upload!!  A few of these pics are a bit dodgy... sorry.  i really have to slow down a bit!

... and it's already so thick, i think it's going to end up looking like a cube!  hehe.  Gunna have to find me the mother of all album rings to hold it together.  If anyone knows where i can get some, would be much obliged!  Once the month is all over and done with, i may revisit these pages and do a little tweaking.

With the kids home and having so much catch up work on my DD to do (because of my nasty puter), i haven't had time for much else the last few days.  Will try something later in the week i think. 

Tomorrow it's off to the movies in the 'big smoke'!  Harry Potter!  i know... it's lame... but i'm a huge Harry Potter fan!  :))

Thanks for hangin in til the end...  lol

Oh... and i had a win over at Stuck?! for the second November sketch too!
What a cool bonus!

be back soon


Friday, December 10, 2010

Horrible Puter!

Oops... did i say that out loud!!  so worried i'll offend the schizo piece of ornamental rubbish! (not that 'schizo piece of ornamental rubbish' is at all offensive!!)  *sigh*  Today is a good day, but i'm not holding my breath.  Make hay while the sun shines tho!  :)) Thought i'd rush in and share a lo! My printer is not loving my puter tho, so they aren't talking!!  I had to scout around in my photo box for pre-existing pics for this one and i found this adorable pic of my baby girl when she was 2... 9 years ago!!  Always trying to see the silver lining ... if it weren't for my puter probs, i wouldn't have dug this little gem out of the box and scrapped it!!

Had a go at the latest Stuck?! sketch.... and thougth i'd throw my hat in the ring for the CT too!! hehe... why not?? you know what they say - "if you want something done, give it to someone who's busy!"

Here's the Sketch:

And here's my take:


There's a real mix in there of Glitz 'Love Nest' pp and rubon, Prima Vine (and it's packaging) and Pink Paislee 'Sweetness' clear cards, BG lace doiley, twine and cardboard .... and just a little spritz of Frozen Lake Glimmermist for good measure!

Thanks for the visit and i hope it won't be so long between shares next time.  Puter probs notwithstanding, i hope to be able to share a few December Daily pages later.  Will take some pics today.

Happy Christmas Shopping!!


Monday, December 6, 2010

Hello Summer

Here you are!!  After weeks of rain and mild temps, the clouds have finally cleared and the mercury has soared!  This is where we were yesterday   :))

On a sadder note, i have to announce the death of my video card.  My puter won't load it, therefore i can't see images very well.... i think that (^) photo is a good one... i just can't tell!  i also can't print or manage any of my pics (eeeek!).  i am trying not to cry.  i can't get it looked at til next week, which will put me a week behind with my DD..... and sooo many other things.

What did lessen the blow a little was the announcement of the November winners at WW1 and KIU!!  woohoo!!  Sorry for the tooting.... but i seriously needed it!  :)

Thanks for the visit, and i guess i'll be back next week (sob!)

Friday, December 3, 2010

It's all about the Mo.... and more!

Crazy busy and i decide to take on even more!  *sigh*
No rest for the wicked they say.  Well sorry santa, but i've clearly been very naughty!  :)

To start with, the Boxx newsletter is out and it is truly amazing.  I'm so proud to be involved with such a group of talented ladies.  Go and check it out here.  The DT Challenge this month was to scrap a layout without photos.  As it was the month of 'Movember', i decided to dedicate my layout to men's health issues and scrap about something close to the heart.  This is my contribution:

And ..... i decided to respond to the KIU CT callout!!!
Not like i haven't got enough to do!

In keeping with the theme of Movember, i decided to actually do a page on my poor neglected dh, who always seems to miss out on featuring in my work  :))  ... he did after all, grow a very Chopper Read looking mo for the occasion, and raised almost $400 for the cause! 

Considering i had a page devoted to dh, i thought 'why not make it a his and hers submission'.... the only person more neglected when it comes to featuring in my pages is probably me after all.  So, no doubt for the last time in a long time.... here we are:

Sorry about the dodgy colours in the pics, but the lousy weather saw me having to set up a makeshift 'studio' inside. 

OK.  We are all starting work on our December Daily's and so far so good.  I'm struggling a bit with the whole concept of keeping it simple and just sticking it down and moving on, but i'm sure i'll get into the groove soon!  The secret is definately to just focus on one thing per day... and documenting that.  I'll be back to show you some of my 'days', but here are some of my fave pics so far:

{December 1}

{December 2}

Thanks for the visit, particularly at this really busy time!!

Be back soon,