Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Hi Everyone!!!

Hope you are well and recovered from a really fun and over-indulgent Christmas like me!!  I think my poor digestive system is still battling to find some semblence of  'normal'.

We had a fabulous day with my family... mum, dad, sister and brother-in-law... and of course our four littlies.  This is my favourite photo from Christmas Day and it has nothing to do with kids opening presents!  First thing in the morning, the kids all came in to bed with us... before even having a peek at the cache under the tree!!  Shame one of us had to take the photo, but six of us in the bed was a bit of an exercise in engineering.  And yep... i'm already in the process of putting it on a page!  hehe

And for my birthday on the 28th, i was treated to a really lovely day... lunch in the city, followed by a night at the Hilton, while mum and dad babbysat for us.  Just having babysitters is a real treat for us as we don't live near family.  I had a really lovely time, and even managed to do a little shopping in the Myer sale too!!  woo hoooo.

I'm doing a bit of scrapping while visiting at mum and dad's, but unfortunately nothing i can show right now... will be able to reveal a couple of little surprises soon!!

Hoping we will be able to get home in a couple of weeks time and that the roads will be safe for traveling by then, as we would normally drive through towns that have been the most badly affected by all of this rain and subsequent flooding.  I know a couple of my scrapping buddies are out that way, so really hoping you are all ok!

Wishing you all a happy and safe New Year, thanks for all of the support and lovely comments throughout this year and here's hoping for more and more creative opportunities for 2011 together!

Love and hugs,



Felicity said...

That is a GORGEOUS photo!!! :)))
Sounds like you are really enjoying yourself there.
Happy birthday, sounds like a great day, what your deserve.
Happy New Year xxx

Anonymous said...

happy new year to you too xx
Gorgeous pic of you all xx

Jasmine S said...

Great pic Jules.
We soon realised too that 6 in the bed is some feat. We think that our next bed has to be a King and then maybe we can all those Sunday morning snuggles.
Hope you have a Happy New Year and that the rain stops. 40 here in Melb with no rain in site....crazy country we live in. xx

Leanne said...

your bday sounds super fantastic..woot woot with this coolio photo.. and i hope that you can get home no worries and that everyone is safe.. bring on 2011 and hopefully we will be able to catchup.. lots of love an sugar.

Lauren said...

Love that photo! Hope you can make it home safely soon.

Karen Shady said...

happy birthday.... it sounds like it was wonderful.... And wishing you a safe and happy 2011

Leanne said...

Happy New Year!! Bring on 2011...x