Sunday, September 19, 2010


Yep ... i'm supposed to be packing for a big school holiday camping trip,
but instead i snuck in a couple of quick layouts  :)) .... 
the first one is for the fortnightly challenge over at the boxx  {{spring}}  and what it means to you ...
to me it's about the September school holidays... camping trips and enjoying time in the outdoors
together before the weather becomes too oppressive and revolting.
i'm not a big fan of camping in the horribly hot part of the Central Queensland summer....
hence our plans to camp around Tassy for Christmas 2011!

The second layout was just a really quick one i put together in less than an hour!  All this talk about camping made me remember the maiden voyage of our new camper last year and all the photos i took in anticipation of doing a layout .... and never did it!  This one was really fun and basic .. i love doing that every now and then - makes you focus on the photos.

Now i really must be off and start organising a camping trip for this family of 6!!
Over half of the trip will be completely without services and amenities,
so i literally have to pack everything PLUS the kitchen sink!! 

Have a fabulous couple of weeks everyone... safe holidaying to all Queenslanders!



Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday my beautiful boy ... i love you!

wow.... didn't you turn one just a couple of months ago??


Green Blue and Orange

Yum!  Love these colours together!  Didn't think i would have time for tcr palette this week, but i love these colours so much, i couldn't resist .... funny what you can manage when you want to...  :))
We have a sweet little birthday boy here today, so i better run.  I have so much to do!

Here's the palette and a quick one that i put together yesterday:

i had so many shots out of focus (from kids running away when they see the camera),
that i decided they needed their time in the spotlight too!  :)
after all - they all have a story to tell.
it's not always about the perfect shot, right?

thanks for stopping by...


Monday, September 13, 2010

Ahhh Sunday

Gotta love it!  Big relax weekend this weekend.... a few jobs in the mornings - followed by long lazy afternoons!  Nothing better.  While dh 'read the paper' {wink} in my hammock, the girls and i watched New Moon .... again, Lachy slept and Cooper watched a video on the laptop....  ahh, so nice!

With school hols starting next week and a big camping trip planned, a little R & R this weekend
was much needed i think.

Just had to share my new favourite photo ... i took it of Maddison on Saturday for a layout i have planned
- i just LOVE it!

thanks for visiting .. will be back later in the week for another share!


Friday, September 10, 2010

OK.... here goes!

So ... i decided to give it a go!!  i already spend so much time there, it seemed like perfect sense really.
i'm putting my hat in the ring for the new dt member at the boxx!  what am i sooo nervous about??  ...
they are all so lovely and talented and supportive and wonderful...
win or lose i'll still hang out there all the time anyway! 

So this is my two layouts.. a new one and an existing one.  If nothing else, i'm so pleased this process bought about this first lo... i've had it on my mind for a while but just haven't gotten around to it.
So here goes:

Then there's the otp component ... which really had me worried!  But i sat and thought about something that i would really love to have... something that i could build on year to year and pass on to my kids when i'm gone, that would really mean something to them.  Believe it or not girls, but the festive season is just around the corner... so after a couple of sleepness nights of tossing and turning with ideas flooding through my head.... this is what i came up with!

The concept of an altered book has always appealed to me.... so..... i thought i would do one, but incorporate it into to Christmas theme and design a book that would document all those gorgeous little wish lists that the kids lovingly prepare every year in the hope that santa brings them their hearts' desire.  This 'book of wishes' would include the wish list, a photo of the hopeful scribe penning the list, all of those cuttings from magazines and toy catalogues that are subtly left laying around the house in the leadup to Christmas and.... to take it just that little bit further,  a photo of Christmas day and the unwrapping of the coveted gift and a little story about it.  I don't want this to be a focus on the materialistic aspects of commercial Christmas, rather a celebration of the hope of Christmas and the joy of the innocence of our children.
I included in this project a mock up of a two page spread that i would anticipate being part of
my little book of wishes...

My only regret is that i didn't think of this years ago..... so, here it is:

the front...

the two page mock up....

the back....

the index tab for each of the kids...

Well.... i hope you like it!
it's all stamped and misted and stitched, with platted leather/beaded and medalion bookmarks,
painted and aged content pages that i have kept fairly plain so that it can be consistent through the years, regardless of product supplies and availability...
just a bit of masking tape and simple notepaper and printed embellishments.

Thanks for visiting and good luck to all of our fabulous boxx ladies!!


Monday, September 6, 2010

What a Weekend

Well, Saturday was just a blur... and Sunday saw us needing crutches and sports tape!

Here's just a few images that tell the story fairly well:
a 250km round trip for haircuts
Soccer presentations! a cache of 3 balls and 5 trophies
Father's Day ... Happy Father's Day Darling!
...and, during her final 'exhibition match' for the season....
crutches!!  thankfully just a bad sprain!
i still managed a little me time {remarkably}, but just a sneak for now
... and this morning - a gorgeous RAK from the lovely Kylie F.  Lovely way to start the week!

thanks for visiting... will be back real soon!


Friday, September 3, 2010

Seeking Inspiration

Feeling a little bit stuck lately i've been on a mission to find me some inspiration!  I've been looking really closely at adds in magazines and television, as well as some online sites i usually don't take the time to investigate.... just trying to get an idea of what really catches my eye.  Whilst this can be totally different for different people, i found myself always looking twice at the same type of thing..... minimalism!  It has always appealed to me.... i just hadn't realised before that i was immediately drawn to these design types.... every single time!  And nobody does minimalism better (in my opinion) than digital scrappers. Some of these ladies are super talented and have this whole minimalism thing down pat.  I don't think i will ever be a full time digi scrapper.... i just love the whole 3D experience too much - playing with paint and getting my hands all dirty and covered in glue.... sounds so therapeutic doesn't it?  lol... however, i can see myself experimenting with hybrid scrapping at some point... i will get around to buying PS, although it has been on my 'to do' list for some time now!  I hate to admit it, but i have spent several hours this week browsing through online digi scrap sites!!  {naughty puter addict} ... oh well - i keep telling myself it's for a good cause.... right?

This is something i then went and had a play with...

ooohh, i just realised i was featured in TCR this week!  woohoo...

thanks for the visit... hope i've prompted you to go find some inspiration!!