Friday, February 18, 2011

Are You Stuck?

It's Friday!!!

... and it's a beautiful day.  It's 9:00am and the kids are at school, the washing is done and on the line, Lachie is playing with lego as usual (thankfully we seem to be past the 'i-must-shove-lego-man-head-up-my-nose' phase.... which is a good thing) and i've been to pool for laps this morning!  Swimming is such a civilised way to exercise.. no impact, no sweat.  love it. 

... and i've gotta start by saying that i'm soooo thrilled to have won a giveaway pack from the amazing Miss Wally!!!!  I can't wait to get my Chip Chop Shop yummies in my hot little hand.  Thanks so much Leeann!! xxxx

OK... it's the middle of the month and we all know what that means. It's time for the Stuck?! Feb 15th Challenge. I'm a bit late i know, but i had to hold this post over until my intro... and it's my intro day today over on the Stuck?! blog if you want to have a little peek *blushin*.... i really enjoyed this one and i must admit to using a little 'artistic license' with it... but it is there.

{a break in the chaos}

remember the little sneak?...

and here is the sketch:

As usual, i shrunk it and shoved it in the corner.. :)) i just LOVE this Glitz pp and again, i felt the need to grunge (which is starting to become a habit). Plenty of Tim Holtz tape and stickers, along with some really old metal embellies that i dug out of a forgotten drawer, including the clock hands on the right of the pic to reinforce the circle element in the sketch. I also stitched a rectangle beind the pic instead of using pp. Head over to Stuck?! and check out the awesome CT creations for yourself ... then have a go at the sketch!! :))

I've also had a little time this week to have a go at this month's challenge over at WW1.  The Challange was White/Brown and something vintage.

I had another sheet of that gorgeous ink resist cardstock on hand, so i just had to use it again.  I painted a chippy lamp, used some gingham fabric, thread, sheet music rubon, glimmermist and paint splashes to cover the brown component, added a white flower and doiley and painted some metal embellies and chippy fence white... then used some old book paper (slightly whitewashed) and some beautiful prima lace for the vintage element.  i also crackled the chippies to add to the whole vintage feel..... and this is what it looks like:

{happy birthday to me}

I took this photo on my birthday last december.  After we checked in to our room at the Hilton, we went for a walk down the Queen Street Mall in Brisbane and had some lunch.  When we came back, the staff had left us this bottle of bubbly on ice.  so nice.  :)

Thanks so much for stopping by and i really appreciate the time it takes to leave a comment....  :)


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Challenge Time....

I've been busy... really i have, but i just have to wait to share!

I stole some 'me' time on monday to have a go at the latest CR palette ... YAY!!  ... only to find more purple... AAARRRRRGH!  oh well, i took up the challenge anyway and, using this palette:

.... came up with this:

oh... and here's the purple!  i painted some muslin just for a really fine spray of lavender:

I actually uploaded it to TCR before i took to it with black paint.... hehe... it just looked too soft and unfinished to me.... especially in the wake of all my grungey stuff of late.  i like it much more now.  and i'm totally in love with this ink resist cardstock.  good thing i bought a couple of sheets!  :)

Will be having a go at the WW1 challenge this week, time and unforeseen circumstances permitting...  but for now, i'm off to sort out the out-of-control lego collection in bedroom #4.  i bought some underbed storage containers yesterday, so i'm hoping that will do the trick.  if anyone has any other suggestions for lego storage i would be eternally grateful!!! lol

oooh... nearly forgot!  just a little 'toot' before i go. i was published for the first time this month!!  right here:

I was asked to do a couple of cards for a Prima challenge... never thought my first published project would be cards... but there you go!  not sure why i didn't get a 'newbie' tag, but it was definately a first for me.  sort of forgot what issue it was going to be in, so when i opened the mag to that exact page, i got such a shock.. then i squealed like a 5 year old... LOL!

Back tomorrow with another challenge share!

Cheers for now and thanks so much for stopping by...


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Leanne.... and more!!

Miss Wally is having a birthday..... and she's GIVING stuff away!!!  The awesome little Chip Chop Shop has turned one... and who doesn't want a share in some of these lovelies??!

Pop over here and say hello and see for yourself what all the 'whoha' is about.....  just in case you've been hiding under a rock for the last 12 months!!  lol.  ... seriously amazing little goodies. 

I've been a busy little creator this week, but nothing i can show... and i've even been too distracted to take little sneak shots too!!

Major issues this week have been toilet training ... *sigh* ... and Claire's Grade 7 leadership induction ceremony.  On the former, there should be some unwritten law that the forth child onwards just comes out toilet trained... i am so over it atm.  He is just sooooo resistant to any suggestion to use the potty or toilet.... and i'm just so tired of the mess that results from putting him in little jocks and 'seeing how he goes'.  He goes alright.... all over the floor!!!  Anyway.... onward we trudge.

I can't believe my baby girl is in her last year of primary!! boohoo.  As well as the leadership induction ceremony, she was also offered a place on the student council, which of course she accepted!  Pause for Proud Momma Moment...... LOL

Well i best be off.  Half the household is having a little nanna nap, so i'm making the most of the peace and quiet... off to my corner again.  hehe.

Will finally be having a go at some challenges this week!!  yay!

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope Today finds you spending some time on yourself with no guilt.. :)


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bits & Pieces

Here we are in the second week of Feb and i've been trying to get ahead of myself and keep up to date with 'everything'... scrapping, household stuff, school stuff, fitness.  so far so good!

If you want to have a go at this sketch:

... head over to the Boxx.  It is the monthly sketch challenge .... and it was set by me!  Would love to for you to give it a bash.  :))

... and a couple of sneaks while i'm here:

... and a bit of an odd funny story.  i'm a little puzzled as to why i woke up with this little darling plastered to my face the other morning....

LOL... must have stuck to my pj's as i finished off a lo before bed ... then found it's way onto my forehead as i slept.  Too funny!!  ...or maybe it was my subconcious trying to give dh a not-too-subtle message! HA!!  How freudian of me... :)

Finishing off a couple more DT lo's this week... then promising myself a couple of 'just because' ones on the weekend!!

cheers and hope february is treating you well so far!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Waa Hoooo!

OK ... so i'm back at the puter .... again!!  I know i said i was getting off the thing for a few days, but.....

...that was before i realised that word is out!!  Time for some shameless self promotion... hehe

I'm on the CT over at Stuck?! Sketches!!!! 

Go on over and check out the rest of the team.... AMAZING lineup and i'm so pleased to have been considered amongst them!  Why not have a go at the Feb 1 Sketch too:

Seriously want to thank everyone who has visited in the last few days with such kind comments.  Pretty blown away with all the support and i appreciate every one of your 'love letters'  ... :)))

OK... back to my corner!


Hello Routine... !

Yep... knew i left you somewhere, good to have you back!.... more on you soon.

First things first.  The January newsletter is out and proud over at the Boxx!  :))

I put the kit together this month ... and i love it!!  Pink Paislee Old School Papers, canvas borders, sparkley alphas and press ons.. some yummy brads and 7Gypsies pp thrown in for good measure.  A great pack for all of those first day of school pics and also, as i did, pre-empting that first day.... and acknowledging the hard work of our older kids.

Here is what i did:
{miss u already}


{good luck} card

It was a lot of fun to play with.  Head over to the Boxx and check out the newsletter for more details.

Back to my reunion with routine.... this is what happened this morning:

    5:45    Get up and take Maddi to the pool for squad
    6:00    Hop on the treadmill
    6:55    Drop Claire off to the Gym for school Aquathon training
    7:05    Pick Maddi up from pool
    8:00    Pick Claire up from Gym and throw her in the shower
    8:15    Drop Claire and Cooper to school
    8:45    Drop Maddi to school
    8:50    Go to butcher
    9:00    Go to post office to post off a layout   :))
    9:10    Grocery shop
    10:00  Drop into school office to pay Claire's school camp deposit
    10:15  Come home, unpack
    10:30  Coffee!!!

Yep... hello routine.  Whilst i can't say i really missed you, it is good to oil that machine called 'the winks household' and get it running efficiently again.  Now that i'm starting to feel on top of things .. my scrap space is next.

Well, that was 3 posts in as many days!!  definately a first ..... i really need to get off this computer for a few days now and back into my creative nook!  :))

Thanks for sticking around and my thoughts are with our many friends in Cairns and Townsville today.  Fingers, legs, and everything else crossed for you and hope you all batten down somewhere safe.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hello February

Already! January was gone in a blink!

Well, with a new month comes new challenges... no, i'm not getting all philosophical.  I'm talking creative challenges... and there's none better than the February colour challenge at KIU!!

It's up already and i LOVE it.  These colours were so much fun to play with on Kraft.  To me this combination just had to be grunged up for a boy layout, but i can't wait to see what you all come up with...


and the palette:

So get cracking .... and have fun!!  :))

Will be back with another share really soon... wow - that'll be three posts in one week!!  i think that might constitute an obsession.  What do ya think?  hehe