Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Leanne.... and more!!

Miss Wally is having a birthday..... and she's GIVING stuff away!!!  The awesome little Chip Chop Shop has turned one... and who doesn't want a share in some of these lovelies??!

Pop over here and say hello and see for yourself what all the 'whoha' is about.....  just in case you've been hiding under a rock for the last 12 months!!  lol.  ... seriously amazing little goodies. 

I've been a busy little creator this week, but nothing i can show... and i've even been too distracted to take little sneak shots too!!

Major issues this week have been toilet training ... *sigh* ... and Claire's Grade 7 leadership induction ceremony.  On the former, there should be some unwritten law that the forth child onwards just comes out toilet trained... i am so over it atm.  He is just sooooo resistant to any suggestion to use the potty or toilet.... and i'm just so tired of the mess that results from putting him in little jocks and 'seeing how he goes'.  He goes alright.... all over the floor!!!  Anyway.... onward we trudge.

I can't believe my baby girl is in her last year of primary!! boohoo.  As well as the leadership induction ceremony, she was also offered a place on the student council, which of course she accepted!  Pause for Proud Momma Moment...... LOL

Well i best be off.  Half the household is having a little nanna nap, so i'm making the most of the peace and quiet... off to my corner again.  hehe.

Will finally be having a go at some challenges this week!!  yay!

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope Today finds you spending some time on yourself with no guilt.. :)



Chantelle said...

....oh I love your little rant on toilet training - in the same predicament with my youngest - the joys and he is a boy too... i think they do take a bit longer.
Happy crafting and your goodies were posted yesterday - hope they get to you soon x

Belinda said...

Mmm toilet training...I'm trying with my first DD. This is one thing she just isn't picking up quickly like everything else and it becoming very frustrating! By the way love checking out your blog Julie!

Leanne J said...

LOL... about the toilet training.. yep... it happens..
and for me Night is the worst.. mr T still seems to wet his bed most nights no matter what i do i;ll just have to wait for nature to take its course with that one.. on the other hand Miss I is who knows...
happy creating..and i'll talk again when i get back from my mini break..dont miss me too

Felicity said...

we have started toilet training too.. sigh.. once you know the secret let me know. lol
Ya for Claire and her achievements :))
hope you enjoyed your quietness.
cant wait to see some creations.

Tanya Tahir said...

aaah LOVE Leeann's stuff! Oh my...I am dreading the toilet training stage with my second! Let alone a 4th! I take my hate off to you!! Well done to your eldest - you must be very proud. Hop over to my blog and check something out...I was inspired by you :)

Karen Shady said...

LOL about the toilet training... I soooo hear you !!!!! a big congrats to your DD too :) xx

Melinda said...

Don't talk to me about toilet training...grr..we are in the midst of it too! Hope you are having better luck with it this week. How exciting for wonder you are a proud mummy! Have a great week. xx