Monday, January 31, 2011

On a Roll...

Righto... back into the groove now!

After months, i finally had time to do a CR palette ... only to find it had purple in it!!  aaargh!  i find it so hard to make purple look good, but here it is:

{here's to us}

The pic was taken by dh when mum, dad, sis, bil and myself were having a toast on NYE.

and the obligatory zoom in:

and the palette:

okay... so i am drawing a pretty long bow calling that purple, but in my defence, the light is pretty bad for photos today...  ; )

Will be back really soon with the Boxx of Scraps layouts ... keep your eye out for the Boxx newsletter!

Oh.... and don't forget this is your last day to play with the KIU Jan challenge.  So far, all entries are amazing!  So much talent out there.

See ya soon!


Friday, January 28, 2011

Finally... a Share!!


Finally... something i can show!  And a 'whole' something at that.

Finally... something i did just for me, and just because!

I just had to do a page (and i'm sure i'll do more) of my girls competing in the triathlon on Australia Day.  I'm just so proud of their drive and dedication to everything they put their mind to.

I pulled apart a yummy Dustic Attic chippy vine flourish and used up some Cosmo Cricket pp that was at risk of becoming redundant by getting pushed to the bottom of my stash if i didn't use it up really soon.  And it's just gorgeous paper.  i used a couple of different inks to stain the muslin too, to match that awesome aqua in the paper.

{i love it}

... and a closie...

oh, and just because it's becoming a habit {snicker} .... here's a little sneak too:

Hope today finds you happy and doing something you love.
Thanks for the visit.... thanks even more if you leave a little love!  :)))


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What Sleep In..... ?

I've forgotten what that is!  :)

What do we do instead for Australia Day?

Get up at 5:45am to get the girls ready for a triathlon!!  We were only told yesterday that it was on... talk about preparation.  Oh to be that young that you don't need to do any extra training for a triathlon!!

Maddi and two friends were part of a team and did a leg each..... Maddi doing the run leg.  They came first in the junior team division.  YAY girls!

But my little Claire Bear did the whole thing herself!!  What a champion!  .... AND SHE CAME 2ND!!  So proud.  She gave it everything she had and i was more proud of her for that than for the placing.

No... mum and dad did not lead by example!  *sigh*  I've made my self a silent pledge to be ready for it next year.... well, OK - not so silent now.. LOL.  Please keep me accountable!  :)

Here's some shots of the day!

.... and just 'cause there's no show without punch....

Happy Australia Day Everyone!

Whatever you are doing, i hope you are with your special people and enjoying your day!

Be back real soon with some shares!


Friday, January 21, 2011

Nothin' But ....


Ah... so sorry!  How lousy of me!

{naughty scrapper}

I feel like such a negligent blogger of late, but i think we are all in the same boat.  Getting re-organised after holidays, trying to find where you left that thing called 'routine' and getting kids sorted out for school! 

YAY!!  School!!

{naughty mother}

No really... i adore my kids, but they've been at each other's throats the last couple of days, and i'm a little tired of adjudicating!  They've had a big few weeks and covered a lot of kilometres together in very close confines... i think they've just had enough!  :)

{naughty kiddies}

.... now, about those sneaks:





Now that i've finished some of my commitments, i can finally do one or two layouts just for me!  YAY!!  Feeling a little bogged down and stuck in the same style, so i feel like i need to try something different and really blow those creative cobwebs out.... well, that's the plan anyway!! 

Good luck with the kiddies on monday for those who are back to school.... even more luck to those who are doing it for the first time! LOL.... no - just kidding!!  just relax and breathe.... and take a couple of tissues ...... and get ready to run, just in case they try to follow you out the door!  hehe...

I promise i'll be back with a 'whole' layout soon!

take care


Monday, January 17, 2011

Found Our Way

We finally found our way home (the long way) after more than 3 weeks of 'wet holiday', and more devastation than i can ever remember seeing!

I know we are all blogging and scrapping about it, but the magnitude of destruction and heartache is just phenomenal.  On our way home from Brisbane to Central Qld, via Rockhampton, the condition of the roads and water marks in the trees indicating the water levels was nothing short of unbelievable.

It is just astounding that 75% of Queensland has been inundated!  I can only imagine the desperation and hopelessness that so many have experienced.

There were areas during our trip home where the water level had been twice as deep as our car... a Prado! 

And what used to be a flat spanse of paddocks on the approach to Rockhampton, now looks like this....

a lake many kilometers wide!

... and the watermark on the welcome sign (just above 'Rockhampton').

And just because i think we all need to temper the bad with a bit of good and beautiful...
one of my fav pics atm - my girls sharing a moment.

oh... and just to show that i have been scrappin.  A little sneak!

Today will be a cleanup and pack away decorations day, then go and pick up the kids school stuff that i ordered before we went away... then back in the car and off to Mackay for DD's ortho visit tomorrow!

Thanks for visiting and i hope today finds you all happy, healthy and safe!


Thanks for stopping by

Sunday, January 9, 2011

R & R

Well, not much scrapping has been done over the last few days.

I've just been spending time with family and enjoying doing stuff with the kids.... not to mention the dinner parties and staying up late - just 'cause i can!!
Thanks big sis!!  :)))
Note to self:  Just because someone opens a bottle of Bailey's doesn't mean you have to empty it before going to bed!!  lol  (yeah, now i can laugh!!)

The other day we rediscovered an old favourite... i'd forgotten how much fun bowling could be!  It was pouring rain and i couldn't bear the thought of keeping them inside all day again.  When i asked them if they'd like to go, they just about bowled me over in a rush to get out the door!!! 

To say they loved it is a little understated.  So we are going again tomorrow!!
"So much better than Wii bowling!!", says Miss Claire Bear.... hehe

Hope you are all enjoying your first few days of 2011.  I've got a few more days until reality kicks in again for us... Troy flies back on Thursday and we start heading home on Friday - roads permitting.

  I'm really excited to be going on a photography course at Mt Tambourine on Tuesday too... can't wait!!

Thanks for visiting, and hope to be back creating soon.... might even sneak an hour or two in this afternoon whilst his majesty is sleeping!! lol



Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Boxx Fortnightly Challenge

Ahh!  It's my turn to set the challenge this fortnight!  So nervous that nobody will have a go!

To start with, i clearly HAD to do something 'Christmassy'.  It didn't feel right not to.  I toyed with the idea of doing a NY Resolution thing but, considering how bad i was at keeping last year's resolution, i ran away from that idea pretty quickly... (my bad!) hehe.

But having nearly finished my DD album, i'm a bit over the whole Christmas colour scheme for the moment.  So....

Here it is:
  1. Show me your favourite Christmas photo,
  2. Tell me, in your journaling, why it's your favourite shot, and
  3. Don't use a Christmas colour palette.
And this was my layout:

and a closer look:

I told you it was my favourite pic... i just had to use it on it's own in a layout. I found that cherry blossom template i've been looking for.... thanks to the fabulous Kathie Link.  I just HAD to have one!!  Thanks Kathie!!  And those butterflies i made ages ago for this layout.  They just seemed to go really well with the colour palette.

Would love for you to all have a go, just head over to the Boxx and have a lookie!

Thanks for stopping by.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Out of the Bag


Looks like the cat is out of the bag, so i can have a really big toot!!

I'm on the new CT at Kraft it Up!!  Yay me!  hehe - sorry, couldn't help it.  So much talent over there, and am really excited about it.  Hope you can follow us over there and join in the fun.

This is my take on the January Challenge... summer in the title and a summery theme:

{wet babies}

The newsletter is out over at the Boxx too.  Go and check it out here.
As usual the Boxx girls have come up with some amazing designs and creations!
So proud of those girls.

My contribution to the newsletter was to do a layout based on a Christmas memory.
For as long as i can remember, we have always been on or near the water for Christmas, so that is what i remember most vividly.

Here is what i did:

i had a lot of fun doing this one... lots of layering, distressing, texturing and Tim Holtz stickers.

Thanks for visiting.  I'll be back with another challenge tomorrow!