Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What Sleep In..... ?

I've forgotten what that is!  :)

What do we do instead for Australia Day?

Get up at 5:45am to get the girls ready for a triathlon!!  We were only told yesterday that it was on... talk about preparation.  Oh to be that young that you don't need to do any extra training for a triathlon!!

Maddi and two friends were part of a team and did a leg each..... Maddi doing the run leg.  They came first in the junior team division.  YAY girls!

But my little Claire Bear did the whole thing herself!!  What a champion!  .... AND SHE CAME 2ND!!  So proud.  She gave it everything she had and i was more proud of her for that than for the placing.

No... mum and dad did not lead by example!  *sigh*  I've made my self a silent pledge to be ready for it next year.... well, OK - not so silent now.. LOL.  Please keep me accountable!  :)

Here's some shots of the day!

.... and just 'cause there's no show without punch....

Happy Australia Day Everyone!

Whatever you are doing, i hope you are with your special people and enjoying your day!

Be back real soon with some shares!



Jasmine S said...

Great pics Jules and yep, to be young and able to just do a triathlon without preparation. I think I would need to train for the next 3 years and that is mentally, not
Happy Australia Day. We just arrived home from a BBQ with our sister and family. Fun fun.

Leanne said...

Wowee!!! Congratulations girls!! Are you going to be up on that podium with them next year Jules?? I come! LOL!!

Hope you enjoy your barbie!!