Monday, January 17, 2011

Found Our Way

We finally found our way home (the long way) after more than 3 weeks of 'wet holiday', and more devastation than i can ever remember seeing!

I know we are all blogging and scrapping about it, but the magnitude of destruction and heartache is just phenomenal.  On our way home from Brisbane to Central Qld, via Rockhampton, the condition of the roads and water marks in the trees indicating the water levels was nothing short of unbelievable.

It is just astounding that 75% of Queensland has been inundated!  I can only imagine the desperation and hopelessness that so many have experienced.

There were areas during our trip home where the water level had been twice as deep as our car... a Prado! 

And what used to be a flat spanse of paddocks on the approach to Rockhampton, now looks like this....

a lake many kilometers wide!

... and the watermark on the welcome sign (just above 'Rockhampton').

And just because i think we all need to temper the bad with a bit of good and beautiful...
one of my fav pics atm - my girls sharing a moment.

oh... and just to show that i have been scrappin.  A little sneak!

Today will be a cleanup and pack away decorations day, then go and pick up the kids school stuff that i ordered before we went away... then back in the car and off to Mackay for DD's ortho visit tomorrow!

Thanks for visiting and i hope today finds you all happy, healthy and safe!


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Melinda said...

Oh Julie I am so glad you are home....have been thinking of you lots and wondered were you were at with getting home. It sure is devastating hey! Some of those photos you have of coming into Rocky I have some similar, but before it had peaked of course. Its hard to get your head around the magnitude of it all. Your sneak looks oh so yummy...can't wait to see it all! Hope all goes well over the next couple of will be busy for you getting things organised before school starts again.
Lots of hugs xxx

Leanne said...

So glad you are home safe - even if it did take you the long way home! :) Fantastic photos!

Lauren said...

Glad to hear you made it home safely Julie. The damage from the water is just so unbelievable. We have been isolated for a few weeks but the roads are just starting to open up again.

Loving the sneak too! ;)

Kat said...

glad you are safe! i went through hurricane katrina in lousiana, USA a few years ago, so i'm a bit familiar with seeing the devastation caused by's not really something that you ever want to get used to, though.

on another note...i love, LOVE that sneak. i can't wait to see the full reveal!

Jasmine S said...

Wow Jules, I can only imagine seeing those watermarks. It really is beyond comprehension unless you are there I think.
Glad you are back and cant wait to see your reveals.

Shell said...

Glad to hear your safe Jules.Those flood photos are incredible. Its hard to imagine that the water got that high. Ver sad indeed. Stunning photo of your girls and I cant wait to see the new LO, looks YUM!!x

Leanne said...

OMG what a trip home.. and those photos are
love that pic of the girls..YUMMY... and the sneaky looks amazing.. {as per usual}.. glad you got home safely and good luck tomorrow at the ortho.. lots of love and sugar .. lj

Felicity said...

the water sure is devasting. I had the water view from the hosptial room in Rocky and it was hard to imagine and believe that it was all underwater. We had to come the long way home, via Mackay and as we drove back into town and saw our house, it was sad, to see that the water even over the fence and in the mailbox, how can you grasp it :(
anyhoo.. enough that. lol.. Love that sneak.
happy unpacking and safe travels to Mackay

Cathy said...

Glad you're home safe and sound Jules... still shocks me to see pics like this!! Love the pic of your girls and your sneaky peek looks amazing, can't wait to see the rest of it!! hugs :)

MARILYN said...


Belinda Lowe said...

I'm glad you made it home safely :)