Sunday, January 9, 2011

R & R

Well, not much scrapping has been done over the last few days.

I've just been spending time with family and enjoying doing stuff with the kids.... not to mention the dinner parties and staying up late - just 'cause i can!!
Thanks big sis!!  :)))
Note to self:  Just because someone opens a bottle of Bailey's doesn't mean you have to empty it before going to bed!!  lol  (yeah, now i can laugh!!)

The other day we rediscovered an old favourite... i'd forgotten how much fun bowling could be!  It was pouring rain and i couldn't bear the thought of keeping them inside all day again.  When i asked them if they'd like to go, they just about bowled me over in a rush to get out the door!!! 

To say they loved it is a little understated.  So we are going again tomorrow!!
"So much better than Wii bowling!!", says Miss Claire Bear.... hehe

Hope you are all enjoying your first few days of 2011.  I've got a few more days until reality kicks in again for us... Troy flies back on Thursday and we start heading home on Friday - roads permitting.

  I'm really excited to be going on a photography course at Mt Tambourine on Tuesday too... can't wait!!

Thanks for visiting, and hope to be back creating soon.... might even sneak an hour or two in this afternoon whilst his majesty is sleeping!! lol




Belinda Lowe said...

FUN - love the pics.
I have had my kids bailed up inside and it has been hard - very trying on my behalf.
Hoping to head to Bribie on Thursday - fingers crossed

Jasmine S said...

Oh I would so love to come with you on the photography course. I have put in a request for my Birthday (as DH didn't take the hint for Christmas) to have some photography lessons.
Re Bowling, we have been a few times in the last year and have some tickets for these holidays (have a card and every now and then they send out cheapies). Kids love it but unfortunately, their mummy is a bit competitive when it comes to bowling (even on the Wii which is even sadder)....I must find my own hobby....oh yeh, I have

Leanne said...

wowzers what fun thing for you all to do.. and love the photos.. hope you get home safely... EEK so much water.. and look forward to your creative genius to be out an about real soon...
lots of sugar.

Melinda said...

Love the photos, can't wait till I can take the boys bowling! Sounds like you are having a nice little break and so jealous of you going on a photography course!! I am trying to get one done this year too. Enjoy your last few days in Brisbane and look foward to seeing some of your stunning work when you get home HUGS xx