Sunday, June 27, 2010

So Everyday

Big weekend in the garden.... so overdue it just wasn't funny! Amazing what a difference a couple of days can make in the garden though. The fact that my parents and Aunty and Uncle are visiting for a few days this Friday didn't provide any impetus at all ..... much!!

I have so much to do this week ..... aaaargh!!

Maddi snapped a pic on Friday night as we were heading out the door for soccer. It struck me as so totally typical..... so completely us at this moment..... it's what I do several times a week was just so everyday. I love it!

I especially love the blur in the background .... Cooper is always a blur in the background! : )

Love this....

Friday, June 25, 2010

Photo Board

I just love the concept of photo boards .... so I decided to do a layout showcasing random shots of all the kids at various ages... just demonstrating the inevitable passing of time.

I'm constantly blown away by how quickly these amazing everyday moments are passing us by ... and I wanted to use my new chippy clock face! ... :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Little Athletes

Phhhew! Day one and two of the Athletics Carnivals are over..... and I'm led to believe that it is no longer cool for mum to attend Athletics Carnivals when you are in Year 9 ... so I think I am done for the year!! :) ..... at least until the the regional level of competition that is. But just let me cope with one week at a time .... please !!!

The kids gave it everything as always.

Claire won the 800m very convincingly. She ran a really clever race and I was so very proud. Her sportsmanship when she finished made me even more proud... personally congratulating every one in the race as they crossed the finish line {gave me goosebumps}.... where did she learn that ... must be from me... right?? :) hehe.

Cooper achieved gold level in all of his events {love his enthusiasm!} .. and I did not know that poking your tongue out for an entire race actually makes you go faster!! Our kids teach us so much ... lol.

... and of course... there is no show without punch!!

Tomorrow is another day, but for now ... just let me rest!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Surf, Sand and Sea

Still scrapbooking from our hols in January ..... actually truth be told, I had an idea of how I wanted this layout to look and the picture just fit the mold! ... I couldn't wait to use this new chipboard butterfly I bought at the expo in Brisvegas. Really ejoying playing with lots of layers and textures at the moment and using stitching and paint in the layering process....

Monday, June 21, 2010

Serves Me Right

Ok ... so that's what I get for trying to steal 2 minutes of time for myself and print out some photos while Lachlan was still awake. I literally turned my back for no longer than 2 minutes while he was playing with cars on the coffee table in lounge .... seemingly content and oblivious to what I was doing. When I 're-engaged' with him, I noticed him rubbing moisturiser all over said cars and coffee table!!! Moisturiser he had somehow snuck past me to retrieve from his change table. Whilst I sat him down and proceeded to clean up the mess, he miraculously picks this moment to learn the art of making no sound whatsoever, sprouted wings and {no doubt using 'the force'}, reappears in the bathroom...... where he decides it would be really cool to empty a new bottle of bubblebath all over the floor and then skate Tom-Cruise-style through the hysterically funny, slippery stuff!! {sigh} lesson learned ..... no more scrapping unless he is securely ensconced in the cot.... and very.... very .... asleep!

The Discovery

Sk8er Boy

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lovely Day

What a great day.... little bit of housework, but lots of playing with paint and scraps of muslin and the sewing machine ... love it! Here is the layout that I simply had to do to document my Lady in Waiting! Only problem is that I don't think I can fit in any journaling now... and that was the whole point to the layout in the first place!! :) ... will look at it for a few days before I decide on journaling ...

I layered strips of muslin on this bg paper, both to mute the background a bit and to add a textural dimension in keeping with the 'old world' subject matter. I also used white paint as a haphazard mat and stitched in red behind the muslin to add more dimension and interest. Black and red are the predominant embelly accompaniments, with just a hint of blue as a contrast.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Lady in Waiting

On my return from the {awesome} Scrapbooking Expo in Brisbane last weekend, I was greeted by dd#1 with "Mum, I need a Medieval costume for Friday!!" ... {this was on Tuesday!!!} Needless to say, it was not greeted with much enthusiasm, given that we do not have access to costume hire... or a fabric/haberdasherie shop for that matter!!

After a somewhat flustered search of the fabric bin and with the aid of an old evening gown of mine... we managed! This is what resulted and I must say.... she was the most beautiful Lady in Waiting. Well worth the effort! ...

... of course a layout will follow ... watch this space!

Monday, June 7, 2010


I'm so excited i could burst!!... Maddi made it into the Cap Team!!! She just came second at the trials {same as the Mackay team trials.... and the same girl beat her!} ... so now it's on to Brisbane in September for a chance to compete for Queensland in the National Titles ... :)

Claire Bear came 14th in a massive field of competitors, and she gave it her everything... i could hear the disappointment in her voice though. I'm just so proud of them both for trying sooo hard!!

On the Run

Here they go .... yesterday morning my girls took off with dad to compete in the Capricornia Cross Country Trials. It's happening today!!! If they are selected into the Cap team.... then it's off to the State Titles in September in Brisbane!!

Win or lose though, they are both already champions in my eyes. They have been training so hard and diligently.... their tenacity and determination has been so inspiring... cold early morning starts and all!!

Love you girls .... we are so proud!

... and of course, no proud moment is complete without a scrap page dedicated in it's honour! It is part of a scrap whisper though ... so here is a sneak ...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Boxx Challenge

Oh... forgot to mention i also won the Boxx Challange last week too {thanks Leanne!} ... was very pleasantly surprised, probably because i was forced to keep it simple due to time restraints. I guess there's a lesson in there somewhere.... something about not getting bogged down in the detail!