Thursday, June 24, 2010

Little Athletes

Phhhew! Day one and two of the Athletics Carnivals are over..... and I'm led to believe that it is no longer cool for mum to attend Athletics Carnivals when you are in Year 9 ... so I think I am done for the year!! :) ..... at least until the the regional level of competition that is. But just let me cope with one week at a time .... please !!!

The kids gave it everything as always.

Claire won the 800m very convincingly. She ran a really clever race and I was so very proud. Her sportsmanship when she finished made me even more proud... personally congratulating every one in the race as they crossed the finish line {gave me goosebumps}.... where did she learn that ... must be from me... right?? :) hehe.

Cooper achieved gold level in all of his events {love his enthusiasm!} .. and I did not know that poking your tongue out for an entire race actually makes you go faster!! Our kids teach us so much ... lol.

... and of course... there is no show without punch!!

Tomorrow is another day, but for now ... just let me rest!

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Leanne said...

oh i love PUNCH.. he so cute.. and congrats to both on their achievements.. and wow what a sports person.. no wonder you are proud...
rest up and then start creating...