Friday, June 18, 2010

Lady in Waiting

On my return from the {awesome} Scrapbooking Expo in Brisbane last weekend, I was greeted by dd#1 with "Mum, I need a Medieval costume for Friday!!" ... {this was on Tuesday!!!} Needless to say, it was not greeted with much enthusiasm, given that we do not have access to costume hire... or a fabric/haberdasherie shop for that matter!!

After a somewhat flustered search of the fabric bin and with the aid of an old evening gown of mine... we managed! This is what resulted and I must say.... she was the most beautiful Lady in Waiting. Well worth the effort! ...

... of course a layout will follow ... watch this space!


Leanne said...

AMAZING!!! You did a super job in the limited time you had! I love this dress and your dd sure can pull it off!...x

Leanne said...

you are super super amazing.. what a great costume.. she should be extremely excited {was goin to say extatic ? wasnt sure of the spelling..still dont know}.. but yay.. and cant wait to see your super scrapping soon.