Friday, January 21, 2011

Nothin' But ....


Ah... so sorry!  How lousy of me!

{naughty scrapper}

I feel like such a negligent blogger of late, but i think we are all in the same boat.  Getting re-organised after holidays, trying to find where you left that thing called 'routine' and getting kids sorted out for school! 

YAY!!  School!!

{naughty mother}

No really... i adore my kids, but they've been at each other's throats the last couple of days, and i'm a little tired of adjudicating!  They've had a big few weeks and covered a lot of kilometres together in very close confines... i think they've just had enough!  :)

{naughty kiddies}

.... now, about those sneaks:





Now that i've finished some of my commitments, i can finally do one or two layouts just for me!  YAY!!  Feeling a little bogged down and stuck in the same style, so i feel like i need to try something different and really blow those creative cobwebs out.... well, that's the plan anyway!! 

Good luck with the kiddies on monday for those who are back to school.... even more luck to those who are doing it for the first time! LOL.... no - just kidding!!  just relax and breathe.... and take a couple of tissues ...... and get ready to run, just in case they try to follow you out the door!  hehe...

I promise i'll be back with a 'whole' layout soon!

take care



Leanne said...

Ooooh! I likey... (especially that part about the kids going back to school!) LOL!!

Kim said...

Awwh! Your such a tease...Jules.
I still have 9 days to go....not counting...much! And around 21 days until #2 son heads off to that's a bit scary and think I'll need tissues for that one. He'll be a whole 5'ish hours away. sob!
Enjoy the peace & quiet next week QLD girls.

Melinda said...

Sigh....such yummy sneaks!!! Can't wait to see them all! Hope next week goes smoothly for you. Take care & have a good weekend :) xx

Ebony van der Starre said...

I cant wait to see these!!! They look AMAZING!!!! I LOVE your work!!!!!! So inspirational!
Thanks for your kind comments on my blog!!!!

Tanya Tahir said... are sooo cheeky! I am not looking forward to my boy going to school full-time this year....but can I just say that I am sick of the holidays and having two kids at home all day every day too?! OMG...

Those sneaks look amazing by the way ;)

Linda said...

Been there, done that, with wishing the kids back to My brood are all grown up & finished school now :)

Lurrrrve your sneaks & can't wait to see the "whole" LO's

Karen Shady said...

Ive seen these Lo's (LOL, im on the boxx DT with Julie ) they are all beautiful !!!!! well worth the wait...

Thanks for athe lovely comments on my weight loss Julie... It means alot xx