Monday, September 6, 2010

What a Weekend

Well, Saturday was just a blur... and Sunday saw us needing crutches and sports tape!

Here's just a few images that tell the story fairly well:
a 250km round trip for haircuts
Soccer presentations! a cache of 3 balls and 5 trophies
Father's Day ... Happy Father's Day Darling!
...and, during her final 'exhibition match' for the season....
crutches!!  thankfully just a bad sprain!
i still managed a little me time {remarkably}, but just a sneak for now
... and this morning - a gorgeous RAK from the lovely Kylie F.  Lovely way to start the week!

thanks for visiting... will be back real soon!



Leanne said...

YUM.. what awesome yummy looking RAk...
and OH no on the ankle..
and the sneaky looks amazing.. woot woot...

give boxx DT a go woman.. !!!!!

Melinda said...

WOW what a super busy weekend you had!! too bad about the ankle, hope its getting better now. WAHOO on your win at STB!!! Love your work chickie! xo

Jasmine S said...

Hi Julie, I just found your blog. I loooove your work. It is amazing and very inspirational. Now I know where you are I can see everything you