Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Here I am!

Yep, still here.... haven't quite fallen off the face of the earth yet!  Just ridiculously busy!!  hehe.  Gotta keep laughing, because if i don't i'm likely to curl up into the fetal position, rock back and forth and dribble all over myself!!

We went away for the weekend just gone (who does that??... goes away just for the weekend before Christmas??).  We got back yesterday, now i am madly washing and packing for our two day road trip and bi-annual pilgrimage to Brisbane to spend Christmas with extended family.  We were scheduled to leave on Thursday, which gave me an extra day to play with, but we decided to leave a day early in the hopes that we might be able to avoid all this rain and road closures.  We have had such heavy rainfalls that only a drizzle will have all the creeks back up and crossings closed.... and more heavy falls are predicted closer to the weekend.  It would really break my heart (and that of the kids) if we couldn't make it to nanny and poppy's for Christmas..... not to mention what it would do to nanny and poppy!

I haven't been near the puter much at all this past week, save to print out pics for my DD album and keep it up to date..... and i am up to date, unbelieveably!!  Got up at 5:30am this morning to update my pages from the weekend.  What a weirdo right?!!  I have packed so much scrapping stuff to go away with, its just not funny.  Actually i think it's funny, but i'm really testing dh's is patience and understanding!! LOL

Thought i might share a couple of my favourite pics from the last couple of days, while visiting friends out of town.  And of course they all feature in my DD:

 looks like a little ringer.... so cute

 Love this pic... probably because i love this place!
Home to my hairdresser and good friend....

No summer party is complete without wet babes!

... and just because the stormy summer skies have been just amazing lately.
We are always watching them, camera trigger finger at the ready!

Thanks for visiting and i'd like to wish you all a fabulous Christmas and a safe and happy holiday, filled with lots of love, laughter and fun times.  I really appreciate all the lovely comments and the time and effort it takes to stop and share a little love.  It means so much.

Be back soon.



Jasmine S said...

Hey Jules, great pics. Hope you have a Merry Christmas and hopefully the rain stops, at least for Christmas Day. xx

Felicity said...

certainly is a busy time of year, but an enjoyable time :)
I totally know what you mean about the roads, we are already in Rocky, earlier than planned because of the weather.
Those piccies are gorgeous, and that sunset is tops.
Safe travels and very happy Christmas to you and your family.
See you in 2011. xx

Colleen B. said...

Merry christmas to you & your family - have a save trip and hope you get through!!! LOL...about testing hubbys patience!!!

knopkiniukai said...

Happy Christmas , so lovely the pic of the boy.
Have good trip.

Chantelle said...

Fun pictures - you little boy is so cute - have a wonderful Christmas and I look forward to seeing more of your fabulous creativity next year x

Leanne said...

Have a safe and wonderful Xmas... and as you drive through the outer northern suberbs of Brissy, give me a "toot" as you pass by! Hope the rain stays away for you....x

MARILYN said...

Hi Jules!!!
Merry Christmas for you and your lovely family!!
I hope you have a wonderful trip and great time with all the family together. Love the picture of your little man..So Cute!!! a big hug!!

Cathy said...

Hi Jules, those pics are gorgeous!! Hope you have a safe trip and a fabulous Christmas with your family!!

Karen Shady said...

wishing you a safe and happy Christmas Julie :)