Monday, January 21, 2013

The Edge of the World

Day Twenty Seven |  11 January 2013:  Today we took a little road trip to Arthur River, the most Westerly point on the Tasmanian coast! Referred to by locals as 'The Edge of the World', South Africa is 10,000 miles to the west.  The ancient, rugged landscape is, as always, breathtaking.

On the way home we pulled off the highway into this most stunning little spot, Boat Harbour Beach…

.… just another idyllic little paradise
 Has this little park not got the absolute best view on that planet or what?

If not for Uncle Ken as our local tour guide, we would definitely miss these little out-of-the-way spots.  The perfect spot for a Corona before heading back to camp!!


Next step, Cradle Mountain!  OMG - it's going to take me a week to sift through the multitude of pics we all took.  Watch this space for some amazing sites!!  :)



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Jasmine S said...

Fab fab. What a beautiful place. You will love Cradle Mountain. One part of Tassie I have been to.