Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cradle Mountain Beauty

Day Twenty Eight | 12 January 2013:  ‘WOW’ is fast becoming a very over-utilised word for me in recent weeks….  but WOW!!!!  Cradle Mountain was everything we thought it would be.  We did not have clear weather, but that in no way diminished it’s beauty, in fact the supremely ethereal quality of the clouds enshrouding the mountain peaks, coupled with the grey mist driven by icy wind actually enhanced the experience for us.  The grandeur and mystique of this prehistoric landscape was altogether humbling and awe inspiring.

There are several walks on offer, but given the wet and slippery conditions we did the 6km Dove Lake Circuit, which is mostly flat and comparatively easy.  We decided to leave Lachy with Nanny and Poppy all the same, as even that circuit would have been out of reach for him.  The other three kids just adored the trek and came alive in the conditions as much as we did.

Here are just a few highlights from the hundred or so photos that I took.... (hmmm, you'd better go grab a cuppa!):

… already a cool morning on the coast, the temp continued to fall as we approached the Lake St Clair National Park.

… our first ghostly glipse...

... and it just got better...



We topped it all off with lunch at the Cradle Mountain Lodge, adjacent to this cosy log fire.  A welcome end to a chilly 10 degree morning trek!

Fantastic day!

A place we definitely hope to revisit another time, perhaps even for a snowy winter experience, bunkering down at the end of the day in one of the many log cabins dotted around the lodge, with open fire blazing!

But our journey continues, as we begrudgingly leave Cradle Mountain....

Back with more soon.  :)


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Sandra said...

Keep the photos coming, I'm really enjoying your great photography.