Monday, January 14, 2013

Touring the Peninsular

Day Fifteen | 30 Dec 2012:  Today was a BIG day, so prepare for a photo overload!  We drove down the Tasman Peninsular, south of Hobart to Port Arthur today, stopping off for a quick look at the Tessellated Pavement in Pirates Bay on the way.  This rare rock phenomenon, caused by stress fractures in the earth’s crust, has eroded over time and resulted in quite a spectacular effect.

Port Arthur was of course the site of the most remote and rugged penal colonies in Australian history.  Chosen for its location, it was a perfect stronghold as the narrow stretch of land at the neck of the peninsular (Eaglehawk Neck) was easily guarded and patrolled by dogs, to prevent escape.

A day filled with sites that just had us in awe of the history of this small State.  For such a relatively tiny parcel of land, it is just jam packed with amazing sites and spell-binding beauty.  Here is a pictorial overview of what was definitely one of the highlights of our trip so far…

A lover of texture, as many of us are, I was just totally enamoured by all the crumbled brickwork and would probably still be there photographing if we didn't have so much more to see!  :)

Sadly, in a couple of days’ time, much of this beautiful countryside we have seen today will be decimated by the bush fires that rip through the peninsular.  Port Arthur itself is spared any damage thankfully.

Day Sixteen | 31 December 2012:  Happy New Year!  Another special celebration with my cousins, their partners our combined brood of kids.

We are getting used to the remarkable changeability of Tassy’s climate.  Four seasons in a day is right, or, as Maddi continues to say ... ‘jacket on, jacket off’ kind of weather.  Queensland temperatures are comparatively consistent within each season.  Not so in the apple isle!!

Be back with more soon!


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