Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Wild West

Day Twenty Five |  9 January 2013:  On the road again today and heading west to the North West Coast of Tassy.  We will use Wynyard as our base and do little day trips from there.  Situated right on the coast and overlooking the wild waters of the Bass Strait, many of these little townships really cop a battering from the strong winds whipping straight off the sea and we are bitterly cold the day we arrive.  Our mid-summer happy hour is a chilly 14 degrees!

Day Twenty Six | 10 January 2013:  Today we have a crack at The Nut!  Seriously!  We head further west for the day and visit the gorgeous little seaside township of Stanley, nestled at the base of a landmark chunk of rock, known as The Nut. A beautiful historic little town, Stanley is actually the birth place of our very first 
Tasmanian born Prime Minister, Joseph Lyons.

After a way-too-big-but-totally-yummy lunch at the local café, featuring awesome seafood dishes, we ride the chair lift to the top and do the 2km circuit.  We soon realise that The Nut is not as completely flat on top as it appears from the ground.


Lachy stays on the ground with Nanna again, as the chair lift ride is not one that I am confident he will endure peacefully!  He is pacified with chocolate ice-cream though, so all is well.
It’s unanimous.  We all love Stanley! 

Thanks for joining in on our little journey...



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Sandra said...

More great photos Julie, love them.