Thursday, January 24, 2013

Touring the Tamar

Day Twenty Nine | 13 Jan 2013 :

Today we pack up and leave Wynyard, saying goodbye to the beautiful rolling hills and their patchwork of poppy fields, potato crops and tulip fields too (that weren’t yet in flower unfortunately)…

…and heading East again to Green’s Beach - but not before more natural disasters.  Before we have even risen in the morning we hear a rumble and shudder not at all dissimilar to an underground explosion.  Living in a mining community we are quite accustomed to the occasional controlled blast and this sounded very much the same… only stronger and louder and sustained over a longer period… turns out it was an earth tremor about 10km off shore, to the North of Wynyard!  It would appear at this point that disaster is following us, so we decamp pretty quickly and set off.  Later in the morning, another tremor is felt, but luckily, there are no further developments.

Green’s Beach is situated at the mouth of the Tamar River, which leads South to Launceston, with easy access to the lovely Tamar Valley Vineyards! … more on that later.  :)

The first couple of days are really low key and relaxed, probably the most casual days yet… a little beach walking, a little fishing and just hanging out together.

Day Thirty One | 15 Jan 2013 : 

A trip down to Launceston is planned for the day, as the boys have all booked themselves in for a tour around the Boag’s Brewery…  a local Tasmanian beer that happens to be a favourite of my darling betrothed.  As I hastily make plans to get my nails done while we are there, I suffer the expected barbs about how ridiculous it is to get my nails done on a camping holiday.  Shortly after reminding said betrothed and his beer swilling entourage that I am the designated driver for the day, all are in agreement that my nails are in desperate need of some attention! 

A great day was had by all  :)

More to come on the beautiful Tamar region and it's lovely wineries!

Cheers for now,


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