Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Call of the Sea...

Day Eighteen | 2 January 2013:  WOW!!  What a day!  Every day is my new favourite!  Today we explored the Tasman Peninsular again, but this time by sea!  We took a ride on a speedboat cruise, the Sea Life Adventures, from Pirates Bay right around to Tasman Island at the south of the Peninsular.  The southern coastline was just awesome…. rugged, unique, treacherous and devastatingly stunning all at the same time.  The caves, unique rock formations, dolphins and amazingly pristine water had us all mesmerised.

As we rounded the point however, on the way to Murphy Bay and out of the shelter of the rocks, the swell and freezing wind slapped us out of our stupor of wonderment just a little!  The boat was rocked and blown in every direction and icy sea spray stung our hands and faces. The four 3oo horsepower V8 engines on the back of the boat were up to the task however and we sped through the waves and came crashing down on the other side of the swell.  It was totally exhilarating!

... the intrepid sailors

 ... the dolphins

... the awesome caves

 ... the choppy waters.  Trust me, the photo does not convey the true condition of the sea!

 ... the beautiful colours - even on a grey day

... rugged Tasman Island and remnants of settlement of the lighthouse operators

... Tasman Island

... the Tasman Island seals

... the amazing gothic style rock formations

The chill was bone deep and completely unexpected.  When the born-and-bred Tasmanians tell you they are cold…. it’s cold!  This is mid summer in our hemisphere… I can’t imagine the cold of deepest winter.
Check this out:

Despite the fact that poor Claire Bear was quite unwell, I’m so glad we did this tour and I know we will all remember the thrill of it for a long time to come… with the possible exception of Claire!  

Back with more of the Winks's adventures in Tassy soon!




Helen Wallace said...

Sounds like the holiday of a lifetime. Love those rugged, towering cliffs. Hope you had your sea sick pills :)

Belinda Lowe said...

Gorgeous Pics

Karen said...

Oh wow!! What amazing rock formations!
Enjoy the rest of your trip and stay warm!