Friday, January 11, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Day Eleven |  25 Dec 2012 –  It’s Christmas today and, as on any other Christmas Day, it is all about family and food!  When the anxious whispering, excited squeals and childish giggles had reached their peak… we finally relented and let poppy wake the kids! 

Eagerly assuming the role of Santa, poppy resided over the unwrapping frenzy.

My cousins and their children arrived throughout the day and we enjoyed our time together with a magnificent spread of food, including some fresh Tassy crayfish, oysters, scallops and abalone… and some good old Queensland prawns!  

We all know how special this time is as, for most of the kids, it is the first time they have actually even met, so we all sit back and enjoy watching them play and bond… which they do almost instantly!

Good times.

Without our vehicle it is hard to get around and do much, so we decide to capitalise on that and spend the next couple of days relaxing and recharging.

See you again soon!


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