Friday, January 18, 2013

North East Adventures...

Heavy Photo Post Warning!!

Day Nineteen |  3 January 2013:  Off we go!  The first official day of our Tassy camping trip.  With the camper all hitched up to our new and improved Prado, the convoy of vans and cars pulls out of Hobart, bound for Douglas River, just North of Bicheno on the Central East coast.  We spend three nights at this beachside camp spot … 3 caravans, 1 camper trailer, 3 tents and 20 people!  Me and 19 rellies.  Wow!  Given that I’ve never been fortunate enough to live in close proximity to family, that’s gotta be some sort of record for us! :)

The sand was the most unbelievable white I have ever seen, rivaling (and in fact surpassing) any Queensland beach I have seen to date.  The white sand and clear water gives the water the most amazing azure colour.... just stunning!

... the waterhole wasn't bad either

... and the kids were pretty thrilled with the outlet to the mouth of the river as the tide rushed out

  .... and the Bicheno blowhole 

South of Douglas River however, and all around Hobart and the Peninsular, devastating fires have broken out and threatened thousands of homes, ultimately destroying hundreds.  Thankfully (and somewhat miraculously), no human lives are lost.  From our vantage point on the Beach, we watch plumes of smoke surrounding Bicheno as flames take hold in Freycinet National Park.

Troy also returns to Hobart for one day to replace our camper batteries that have chosen a very inopportune time to die also.  We are hoping that this is the last of our mechanical disasters!

Day Twenty Two |  6 January 2013:  Today we pack up and head further north to St Helens for another three nights.  More stunning locations, like the Bay of Fires for instance.  O.M.Goodness!!  The photos speak for themselves… and yep, you guessed it.  My new favourite!!  Seriously, can you blame me?

 ... these photo were taken from an actual free camp spot on top of the rocks!  The orange colour on the granite rocks is caused by lichen and produces some of the most fantastic seascapes I have ever seen!  Camping right on these rocks at Sloop Lagoon in the Bay of Fires is firmly locked in to my bucket list for our next Tassy visit.... and we are quite certain that there will be a next time!

What a jam-packed day this was!!  From this breathtaking coastline, we drove up the valley to St Columba Falls.  Amazing that this terrain was a short 30 minute drive from the beautiful Bay of Fires.  We walked down to the bottom of the falls, surrounded by pre-historic forest terrain, then power walked back up!  With all the extra calories common to most holiday diets, the exercise is oh-so-welcome... especially when you take turns in hauling an extra little 20 kilo boy on your back! :)

On the way home we stop off at the Pub in the Paddock for a quick beverage and visit the infamous beer drinking Pig-in-the-Paddock.!  Lachy finds himself sitting up at the bar with the big boys!

Next stop is the gorgeous little Holy Cow café, which utilises all the local dairy cattle to manufacture cheese, milk and ice-cream for their little boutique cafe.  Quaint, quirky and just gorgeous.  

What an awesome and memorable day... from astonishing coastline to beautiful valleys and pastures, lush and ancient forest to historical pubs and paddocks!  I need a nap!!  :))

Back with more adventures soon!




Sandra said...

Love the photos Julie, it took me straight back to our Tassie trip - thank you so much for sharing.

Helen Wallace said...

Your beautiful photos bring back wonderful memories of Tassie. TFS

Jasmine S said...

Your trip looks just amazing Julie. Tassie is a beautiful part of the world. You have made me want to go back with the kids and explore it more.