Wednesday, October 27, 2010

That's My Girl!

Ok... yep, this is nothing but a shameless brag!  ... but i can't help it ...  :))

At the High School Awards Night last night my girl netted 2 individual Academic Excellence Awards, an overall award for Academic Excellence in all subjects, plus Junior Sports Girls Award... so proud!  Had to blink back the tears...

... that was after i came out of the 'ladies' with my skirt tucked up at the back!!  hehe

'Oh mum... you are sooo embarrassing!!!' was the predicatable response.
In my defence, it was really light weight fabric and i didn't notice right away...
but i'm pretty sure i fixed things up before anyone else noticed!! :)))

Anyway, best be off - we have visitors all week, so probably won't retreat
into my little creative corner until next week..   :((

see you soon



Jasmine S said...

First of all, congrats to DD. I can only imagine how proud you were. And then, the whole skirt thing. That is just the funniest. I have seen it happen before (not it wasn't me and it's my worst nightmare). You have made me laugh (at your expense sorry). Enjoy your day!

Leanne said...

woot woo!! Congratulations to your dd and for being the proud mama you are...x Off to share a little bragging too...x

Melinda said...

Huge congrats for your DD!!! What a star!!! I had to laugh too at the skirt thing...hehe!!! That has happened to someone I know but the worst thing...lots of people saw it..!!! I always check and double check from now biggest fear! Thanks for making me smile tho...enjoy your visitors :) xo

Leanne said...

LOL are you sure no one noticed..LOL. thats funny..
and a huge congrsts to you DD ... wow you definately should be super super proud..

happy super fun days with loads of toilet paper stuck to your shoe....