Sunday, October 3, 2010

Back on Deck

We're back!!!

Made it home yesterday afternoon after a fabulous week in Yepoon with friends.
Camping kinda got postponed due to the wet... even if the rain had of stopped (which it didn't),
it still would have been far too boggy to camp in all the spots we had planned.
The first week of the hols was consequently spent on day trips here and there and a couple
of days in Mackay to take the kids to the movies and do a bit of shopping etc etc.

The second week saw us in Yepoon with friends .... we finally made it down to them to
check out their new house they have just built, with spectacular views of the ocean.
Such a glorious week... the hightlight of which was the day trip out to Great Keppel on their boat,
and the private whale watching show that we were treated to!!!!
We also did a bit of a reconnaissance for a good camping spot for our next visit,
which involved a picnic lunch, a bit of beach 4WDing to quite a remote little spot,
and plenty of amazing views ... finished off with a dip in a big rockpool,
complete with a rope swing ... just beautiful!

Here's a bit of a pictorial summary:

boys on board



 sand dune diving - Great Keppel

 Great Keppel

the snorkler


 watching the show

 the show goes on

swinging in the rock pool

the view from the top - 5 rocks

Anyway ... back home and back to reality.  The washing machine awaits....
and the 'getting ready for school grocery shop'!!
The phone call from our bank when we got home to report of suspicious activity on my credit card i could have done without, but never mind ... all sorted now!

Hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday...
i'll be back at the scrap table in a couple of days!

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Elise said...

Keppels a beautiful spot isn't it. We have stayed there twice now on the island and it's just gorgeous. Can't wait to see some of these holiday snaps scrapped !

Jasmine S said...

Oh This just looks like so much fun. How beautiful is that sand and water?? Glad you had a wonderful time. Now back to work and get

kathie said...

It sounds like you had an awesome trip away. The photos are beautiful :)

Melinda said...

Sounds like you had a great time Jules!! The scenery looks so heavenly!! I was wondering if you went camping or not...thought it may have been too wet for you all! oooh it happened to you too!! i had my credit card used by someone else too!! NOT GOOD!!
Have a good day :)xo

Leanne said...

Oh no! There seems to be a bit of credit card trouble going around atm!! Hope it is sorted for you.

Glad to see ou had a fanastic time! The waters up there look glorious! *sigh* hee hee!

Leanne said...

what super amazing photos.. they are all stunning but i esp love the one where it looks like storm clouds in the background..very dramatic.. and doh about the card... but i know how you feel. cant wait for some Jules inspiration.. woot woot..
so glad your home...

Christine said...

Oh! *sigh* That looks amazingly beautiful, how relaxing and fun! Gorgeous pics! I had to cancel all my credit cards a couple of weeks ago too :(