Friday, October 22, 2010

Date Friday .... and a Whisper!

Yay for Date Friday! Troy is fortunate enough to be able to negotiate his hours to the extent that, by working up extra time each day, he gets every second Friday off!  Sometimes we go out to lunch {with out littlest mate}   :) ... other times we do jobs around the house :(   .... other days, like today, we just hang out, spend time together and watch a movie while Lachy sleeps!  ahh - nooice!

and finally.... we can reveal the fabulous blog whisper, initiated by the gorgeous talent Bridge some time ago.  If you're not sure how they work, start at Bridges blog and follow the links from page to page
{there are two separate whispers}.
Each participant does their 'version' of the layout that was sent to them,
and passes it on to the next in line until the final participant is finished.

Here is my version of the page Kerri sent to me:

LOVE Glitz pp's atm and the Dusty Attic chippy.

From me, you need to go here to check out Lisa's version of my page.
Can't wait to see the full whisper from start to finish myself!!!

cheers for now, and thanks for visiting.



Leanne said...

AWesome!! Love the feathers!!

Anonymous said...

Wow wow love it
u r such a clever thing!
Thanks for joing in

Peta said...

absolutely just..... STUNNING!!!!!

Noels said...

Awesome Lo, love how different they get quickly :)

Sherry's Creations said...

Love this...very creative!

scrapwitch said...

i gotta tell you i was over the moon to get your whisper....its amazing how different they all are...thanks for the inspiration

TatumW said...

this is stunning julie! and a big congratulations with your spot on the boxx DT!! tatum

Kerri said...

lovely lo julie!
completly diff to the other in our group!

Ali said...

Wowsers - this is awesome - love it!

Jasmine S said...

Lurve the red swirl with the green of the feathers and the yellow of the butterfly and a bit of blue thrown in. Gorgeous.

Belinda Lowe said...

That is amazing Jules