Monday, October 11, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Well, here we all are again at the beginning of a new week!!  Racing every closer to Christmas .... again!  Where has this year gone?  I'm jsut starting to get my head around the resolutions from last NYE ... lol! 

First things first:
I was featured in TCR this week!!  YAY!
Always a fantastic way to start the weekend.  I came home from a hairdressers visit on Friday
to find the news awaiting in my inbox!! 
It really is a thrill and an honour - there is some awesome international and local talent over there
and it just amazes me that they find my work worthy of a mention.

I had a really productive scrappy weekend.... and i can't show any of it yet!!  : (
Troy took Cooper for an overnight camp trip with our neighbour and his son,
Maddi went on a swim camp with friends, Claire had a play date,
and Lachy kept me company... as usual!
Everyone seemed to be doing their own thing... which is okay.
I'm really pleased that Troy got to spend some one on one time with Cooper.
They also went out to the archery club on Sunday.  Cooper was sooooo excited
when they got home, he was falling over himself to get in the door and tell me all about it!

Anyway, one thing i can share is a thank-you card i did on the weekend for our
wonderful friends in Yepoon, for having us for a week over the hols.

It takes really special friends to accommodate another 6 people in their home for a few days.
I've been going crazy scrapping all of our holiday pics over the weekend!

Oh.. and finally.
Just wanted to mention the Girls Night In.
I'll be sharing my Friday night this week with some wonderful ladies
in order to raise money for breast cancer.
I'm sure it is going to be crazy fun.... good laughs, good friends and good wine!
I'm really looking forward to some 'girl time' ... :))
If you have the opportunity to participate... please consider it.
As we all know, it is such a worthy cause.

Thanks for stopping by...
promise to do a couple of layouts that i can share this week.  : ))



Leanne said...

What a gorgeous card Jules!! I love that pic. You are definietly more than noteworthy too when it comes to TCR! You seem to rock that forum! Hee! Just remember us little folk....x

Leanne said...

oh ohoh.. i love that CArd.. woot woot.. and that pic..wowzers.. and the colour room.. well Deeerr.. of course.. it was a shoe in... fantastical.

Shell said...

STUNNING! WOW that card is a mini piece of art. Congrats on being featured again but Im totally not surprised your page was a stand out in the gallery x