Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Talk to the Hand

Did you know that water based pigment ink does not wash off with soap and water .... ??
... at least not the cardinal red variety!!! Clearly i didn't.... and i have obvioulsy never tried to
use this colour to stain muslin before  ... hehehe!  The lengths we will go to for our craft!

Well... after 5 layouts, i finally have one that i can share!!  woohoo!

I finished one off this morning as a surprise for a friend and posted it off,
so i can't share it until she receives it!  Wish i could be there to watch her open it...  :))

I gave the next colour palette at TCR a go today...  I LOVE any palette with red in it,
however i struggle to do a red and green layout, because i'm always afraid it will look
like a really cliqued Christmas card.  I don't think this one does...
at least i hope it doesn't anyway!  hehe

This is the palette:

and this is my take:

... now for the next Boxx Challenge, and hopefully I'll sneak a STB one in before the inlaws visit!

as always, thanks for visiting...
will be back with more soon!



Jasmine S said...

Oh my, how do you do it Julie? This is fabulous. Your photos are so eye catching. Love the red (even though it left a lot of evidence) and the green butterflies are just the perfect touch.

Leanne said...

hey hey hey.. wowzers.. and fantastic.. i LOVE the red.. LOL about your hand.. but wow.. and totally agree with Jas.. those little butterflies.. stroke of GENIUS... woot woot..
SUgar BAby

Cathy said...

Congrats on your LO being featured Jules... absolutely stunning!!! The red and green just pop off the page! :)

Marelize said...

Your layouts are amazing Jules and I love your blog. Very inspiring. :)