Thursday, November 4, 2010


Please tell me that it has happened to you too!  I got so stuck on a challenge layout yesterday that i just shoved it in the draw because i didn't want to look at it any more.... :)  is it just me, or do you feel the best thing to do is put it down for another time?

Anyway... today being a new day i decided to start a fresh one... no challenge and no other purpose than because i just wanted to do it.  i've gotten into the habit of scouring challenge sites before i do a layout EVERY time.  Don't get me wrong... i love challenges, but sometimes it's nice to do something just because.

This is what i did today with a fresh unstuck head ... well sort of... unless you count the sniffles and sore throat.  Thank you darling Lachy:

Love the new Bo Bunny Cambridge range right now.  i teamed it up with some of the new Basic Grey writers block set... and even some 7Gypsies transparency
Oh, and i printed the big photo on transparency too.  I originally had some book paper behind it, but decided it looked better as the more subtle transparency on it's own.

I've been tinkering away on my December Daily album too, but plan to put all the bare bones together over the weekend.  Feel free to pop over the the Boxx and have a look at our progress.  I think we'll have something to show soon!

Oh and how could i forget my little present i got from the lovely Leanne
Thank you Leanne..

So here are the rules to passing this award along....

1. Thank the person that gave it to you!
2. Post it with pride on your blog!
3. List 3 things you love about yourself!

I love my job  :)
I love that i make beautiful and healthy babies
I am loving my hair right now
4. Post a picture you love!

hehe ... i've posted this one before, but i just LOVE it!
Cooper was having so much fun and the light was spectacular
with the sun shining behind us and a storm brewing in front of us.

5.  Tag 5 other people with the award.

Thanks ladies  xx

That's all from me for today.  Be back soon, and thanks for stopping by.



Cathy said...

Another stunning LO Jules... love it!! Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog and the Cherry on Top Award... you're such a sweetheart :)

Melinda said...

awwwww you are definitely a sweetheart...thanks so much for the award! Oh I get stuck all the time...sometimes I wonder if I really can scrap!! lol!!! BUT you have done an AWESOME job on this LO!! STUNNING!!! Great boy inspiration too! Love how you have printed the photo on transparency! Might have to try that one day! Can't wait to see your Dec Daily!! Have fun shopping tomorrow!!! WAHOO!!! :) xo

Treesa said...

Love your layout! and yes I have a few layouts almost finished in the too hard basket!!

Chantelle said...

Sometimes it's amazing what LO's we can come up with on our own - this one is fabulous - always love your little extra details - great stitching.

Jasmine S said...

Stuck. That is my middle name this week. I dont know what to do next so I am on the computer blog hopping instead which doesn't help because then I have 100 other ideas. Thanks for the award. I have posted, done, passed it on.
Now your LO. Wonderful. Transparency looks ace. Can you please send your DS over to my house to pass on his love of reading to my DS???

Leanne said...

woot woot.. awesome layout.. love the transparency..woot woot.. awesome page.. and yep have done that before but have also found it really helpful to go back a couple of days later..and PS.. i'm sure that it ROKS>. and thanks for the award.. thats 2 now.. so i better get a move on an post mine.

Colleen B. said...

Gorgeous LO Julie - love the stitching and layers!!! Yip, if something isn't coming together, I leave it and come back to it but rather sooner than later because if I leave it for to long, I won't.....LOL!!!