Sunday, November 21, 2010

Rain Rain Rain ... and more rain!

Well it's been raining here for days.  The odd downpour, but mainly just constant drizzle.  It's just raining steadily atm.... perfect for scrapping!!  The kids are snuggled up in our bed watching Harry Potter movies.... what a cool sunday!  hehe.  I must admit to popping in there myself every now and then for a quick snuggle too!

Yesterday was our regular 6 week pilgrimage to my hairdresser, who lives in the next town!  Troy keeps reminding me that they have hairdressers here too (hehe), but they can't compare to my good friend of 10 years and this is our way of catching up too!  LOL.  The creeks are all up and running.  It did occur to me that we might not be able to get home, but that's a small price to pay .... right??

The garden is just loving it of course.  I've just come inside after taking a few snaps.....

Sooo grateful for my dryer.  I never use it unless i really have to ....
and i really have to!!  :))

Have a couple of completed layouts that i can't share just yet and hope to get a couple of
challenges finished today/tomorrow too.

Happy scrapping... and thanks for the visit.


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MARILYN said...

Hi Jules!! I understand you because I drive more than one hour to see my hairdresser (26 years...we're like a!) but he understand my curly hair and is a good friend,too.
I love your garden!! Super cool that you have time for scrapbooking, I'm working in a wedding dress so I need time to finish TCR's challenge. Oh my...I talk to much,ja,ja! Take care my friend,