Monday, November 8, 2010

Mixed Bag

Another bits n pieces post!  Plenty going on a the moment.. including more work
on my December Daily Not-So-Mini Album!!  lol.  But first things first:
(you'd better go make a cuppa .... this is much longer than i thought it was going to be)

The Boxx Newsletter was out last week and these two layouts were created from the October Boxx of Scraps... which was really yummy.
Check out this and more here.

This brilliant, colourful and fun Echo Park pp's pack is just perfect for those summer holiday picks... here is what i did:


a bit messy and over-dramatic with the paint work on the last one i know,
but if you knew my Cooper you'd realise it kinda suits him ... hehe

Now onto my December Daily... i've finished the bones of my album!!! yay
i've enjoyed this process so much, i'll definately be doing one again next year.
i will however give very careful consideration to the shape of my next album.
i still have a little numb spot on my right hand index finger from all the hand
cut artisan shapes .. about 5o in total!

i decided to do one double sided page per day for photos and journaling,
but also a header or divider page in between.  some of these divider
pages are just transparencies with label stickers on them, others are envelopes
for little treasures or goodies relevant to that day, others are journaling cards...
and there is even just a scrap of cardboard in there too for variety!
i haven't numbered each divider yet, because it will depend on what we get
up to on each day as to which divider will be relevant  ie. on a quiet day at home
i might not have anything to stash in an envelope.  i'm also doing the full 31 days
as we will be in Brisbane with extended family and will have a pretty
busy and social christmas period, up to and beyond nye!!!

Here are just a few select pages, just to give you an idea...

lots of kraft paper, lots of stitching... and lots of red (my favourite)  :))
the front and back cover were a little too 'clean' looking for me, so i stained
some tulle and stuck it on with lots of mod podge (might be a bit hard to see).
i quite like the cross hatched, textured effect.  i also had tonnes of 7Gypsies ephemera and journaling cards in my stash that needed using up,
and they suited this project just perfectly, so i'm really pleased i got to use up
lots of old existing stuff.  that hambly music note transparency (last photo)
has probably been in my stash for 4 years!!!  lol
also some of the new yummy pink paislee old school range in there too.. LOVE it!
oh ... and some MME Lost and Found ... LOVE it too!

ok... sorry, i've done it again!!
just realised how long winded this post is... LOL

Better be off.
my puter is dying a slow and painful death atm and i have to reinstall
windows this week due to a corrupt registry file.  We have to operate in 'safe mode' which doesn't allow for use of any drivers....
no downloading the camers, or using the printer!!  Eeeeek!
lucky for me i have a fabulous neighbour who downloaded my camera
and emailed my DD mini album pics to me ...
yep - that qualifies as 'totally obsessed' i know!  hehe
Anyway, hopefully i won't kill my puter good and proper and will be back
later in the week with more shares.

thanks for stopping by (hope you enjoyed your cuppa!!)



Melinda said...

Okay I did go and get a cuppa but now its gone cold cause I have spent too much time drooling over your GORGEOUS creations!!! so much inspiration in those beachy ones...oh I long for a holiday! And your DD is just STUNNING!!! I can't wait to see the end product! Thats no good about your little boy...hope he gets better soon :) xo

Leanne said...

wowzers what an album.. cant wait to see it that is awesome... and very go girl.. i hope you get your puto problems sorted real soon..lots of love an sugar..

Leanne said...

Wow!! Just gorgeous Julie!! LOL!! Darn puters!!

Cathy said...

WOW Jules... your creations blow me away every time... just stunning!!! That album is looking gorgeous!!! Red is one of my fav colours also. Have a fab week :)

Jasmine S said...

Well I didnt have a cuppa but that's ok. You can chat as long as you want. I love both of the Boxx LOs and I just adore the paint so no, not overdone. Both are brilliant. That mini album looks fabbo.

Nadia Cannizzo said...

great work! cant wait to see the album finished!

Sarah Bluhm said...

I really like your album. Very original and cool! Happy Scrapping!

cia said...

Your DD pages are gorgeous - I think my favorite is the red transparency with the silverish tag, but I also was drawn to the transparency with the 4 blinged up squares. So cool!

(I found you via Ali Edwards' blog.)

Maureen F. said...

beautiful work - seems to pretty to cover up with picutres :) lol

Kimmy said...

lovely pages... I especially like your cover. Still trying to figure out how to cover mine... you give me ideas! Thank you! ~ kimmy

Cele Schaffer said...

LOVE your album! Wondering where you got your transparent overlays-especially the music notes.Cele Schaffer-knoxville tn