Saturday, August 14, 2010

I'm Back

Sorry, I did fall off the grid a bit this week.

Unfortunately I had to fly down to Tassy to attend my Nan's funeral, which I should add was just lovely.  Not the normal adjective for a funeral I know, but it was a wonderful celebration of her life.... not the usual sad or maudlin affair that we would normally associate with funerals.

At 89, she certainly led a full life...a strong woman who just adored all of her kids (the grand and the great grand variety).  I thought it was quite fitting that I take Lachlan with me then ... he managed to keep the mood light and entertain the masses.  During the funeral service he even started singing along to Ave Maria, by Il Divo.... who knew of his operatic prowess??? ... lol.  I'm sure Nan was looking on and giggling tears of joy at that!  She'd have loved it!

I'm sure I'm preaching to the converted when I say how utterly exhausting it is to travel with a toddler....
up before 3:00am to drive over 2 hours to Mackay to catch the red eye to Brisbane... connecting flight to Hobart... two nights in Hobart with all the rellies... fly to Brisbane... o'night in Brissy with my sis... direct flight back home!  I was so utterly exhausted last night, I couldn't even speak properly.  Lachy was fairly good considering all the to-ing and fro-ing, but he did have his moments... as you would normally expect!

Back into the routine now and into full swing!

Amazingly, before I left for Tassy, I was approached to participate in 2 separate challenges!!
Two offers in one day! 

Totally blown away.... and of course I can't say much more just yet, but I'm so excited and looking forward to getting stuck into them ... will reveal more when I can!!

Not only that, but I agreed to work the election because they are so understaffed out here,
and was allocated the 2IC position!  I've been trying to get my head around the online training all morning,
in addition to the briefing session this afternoon....
splitting headache as a result, as I'm sure I haven't yet caught up on my sleep yet!

hmmmm... no rest for the wicked I guess!  :)

Promise to blog more scrappy stuff soon...
thanks for putting up with what I just realised was a very long and procrastinated
record of events....

much love



Leanne said...

oh Jules.. {{HUGS}}....
glad to hear that it all went well.. and glad your safely home... also.. yay for training.. well i hope everything feels better real soon... lots of love and sugar. leanne

Leanne said...

Hi there stranger! LOL! So sorry to hear about your Nan. I'm really glad you were able to celebrate her life though....89 years is a good run...x

Christine said...

Sorry to hear about your Nan. The funeral sounds like it would have been just the way she wanted it