Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I've had a bit of a 'blah' couple of days ... spent most of it here:


... comes with the territory I suppose.  4 kids (including one very messy toddler),
3 lots of soccer uniforms twice a week, 3 lots of school uniforms every day,
togs and towels from squad TWICE A DAY!! DH work uniforms...
and all the extra bulk from winter clothes and all those layers!

I'm not complaining ... in fact I'm grateful.
Grateful that the kids are all able bodied enough to be
so active and accomplished on the sporting front.
Grateful that we are in a position to afford all this sport and activity.
{in fact, we would go without other things to make sure these needs were met}
Grateful that the kids are happiest out running around rather than locked in their rooms
playing electronic games ad nauseum.
Grateful for all the wonderful friends they have all made through sport and school.

A couple of days of blah is such a small price to pay!

Cheers... sorry about the waffle
 i hope you too can enjoy your blah days



Leanne said...

hey.. i dont have all that washing..but somedays are definately BLAH.. so i'm glad you are reflecting on your day.. and well... i dont know..i have soccer tonight..did a couple more colours {girly} clouds.. and a bday card.. i really want to scrap and have ideas but just need the photos.. which are on traceys will have a go at something scrappy maybe tomorrow.. the kids daycare are having a cool creatures thing i have to wake Ivy up and take her to have a look.. apparently touching snakes etc.. {not by me}.. lol.. anyho.. sending you some sugar.

MARILYN said...

Julie, I have my BLAH days, too. This is part of life. I love you reflexion because you have to give thanks for what we have...good and healthy children...they are our inspiration every day!!
...and who better to release the stress and homework... that scrapbook!...Mmmm!! Have a nice week!! Hugs!
p.d.(sorry my english my primary language is spanish)