Monday, August 16, 2010

Cheeky Sneaky

Real cheeky ... can't show it off yet, but I had so much fun with this...

... thought I would get this done today as the rest of the week will be a boring
mix of household jobs and online training for the election this weekend
.... trust me to do the fun stuff first!  :))

also.... had to share just a small grateful moment of yesterday.
Claire doing the wiping up without being asked!!!
The second thing I did (after picking my jaw up off the floor),
was reach for the camera to document this momentous occasion....
she didn't appreciate the humour ... lol

gotta be grateful for the little things right?

Thanks for stopping by!
Jules x


Sarah Lou said...

if your not grateful for the lil things think you go crazy!!! im loving this sneak on its own!!!!

Leanne said...

OMG.. i'm LOVIN this sneeky.. cant wait.. yay for the wiping up.. woo hoo...

kathie said...

Love the sneak peek :)
Sorry to hear about your nan. I'm glad that the funeral went well.

Christine said...

ooh, that sneak looks amazing!