Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Trick

Funny how loud the TV is once all the kids have gone to bed... no music, no arguing, no giggling or shouting to be heard above the constant {but somehow comforting} din.  Time to turn the telly down and take a deep breath!!

What a day.... a trip to 'the big smoke' today entailed a 4.5 hour drive {in total}, a 1/2 hour orthodontic appointment for dd.... and 5 glorious hours of shopping!!

I'm exhausted.... too tired to assemble my new office chair!

Had to share my darling little man's new trick though.....

Nothing is safe any more.... no frontier unexplored!  Not yet 2 and he has engineered a method for:  emptying the soap dispenser.... patting the goldfish.... reaching big brother's precious lego men and helicopters and the like.... and tasting big sisters moisturiser!!  We simply pull out the bottom drawer and step up to 'bench height'.  The same principle applies to the kitchen, bathroom, sisters' bedrooms and brother's bedroom.

I took these yesterday...

How can he be so clever, cute and naughty all at the same time??

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Leanne said...

hey.. Miss Ivy was so totally like that.. especially the kitchen..and then climb onto the bench.. i ended up taking the handle off it worked for a while.. that is until she mastered opening the draw without the handle... oh well.. she was and still is a definate climber.. oh and the pics are so so cute... happy days