Friday, July 30, 2010

Bit & Pieces

Yep... I've been doing a little blog tinkering of late.  It's a bit of a work in progress, but I'm pretty happy with the changes.... LOVE my background!  ... really happy I found that.  Hope you like it!

Nothing I had planned to do today has worked out for me... but I am trying to turn it into a positive.   My funky black and chrome office chair that I bought home from Mackay yesterday turned out to be a not-so-funky grey and chrome office chair!! {{sigh}} .... trying not to swear at myself... :))

So....... instead of assembling it while Lachie had a nap, I did the next best thing ... I scrapped!

I've been meaning to do an IB sketch for ages now so, today being the deadline for Sketch #52, I decided to finally give one a go.  Aside from the orange fibre {YUM}, which I bought during my shopping spree yesterday, literally everything in this layout is a scrap.... even the photo!!  I printed it out for a crop a while ago and never used it.  I love that feeling ... using stuff instead of tossing it out (or adding to my bulging-at-the-seams scrap folder)

For those who have seen a few of my recent layouts, I promise to get over this orange fetish soon ... maybe  :))  The same goes for the new Basic Grey booknote range of pp's ... I just LOVE them.  They are perfect bg pp's.  I'm also getting the hang of these quick layouts too.  I actually completed this one in one sitting!!  I love to fiddle, but sometimes it's nice to just get it done!
Ok ... enough waffle... here's the sketch and my take:

...hope you like ... have a great day!


Shell said...

Are you kidding, like it I LOVE IT!
STUNNING, every little bit of it. x

Leanne said...

I'm totally with Shell... OMG.. this is fantastic and keep the orange goodness going.. wow... fanastic.. wow.. yippee...