Monday, May 17, 2010


I couldn't resist it... i had to scrap that photo of Coop! I'm really in a 'freestyle' frenzy at the moment. Whilst i LOVE a really structured and clean layout, the less inhibited and free flowing elements of this style really appeals to me as well. Rather than pidgeon hole myself in a certain style, i like to do both! i guess it depends on my mood at the time..... : )


Leanne said...

Gorgeous lo! We create whatever makes us happy, right?! So go with the flo! LOL!!

Leanne said...

OMG oMg.. OmG.. this is so so so cool.. i love every single little bit of it.. and definately go with whatever and where ever things are taking you....yay yay..
oh and love the stitching..showed the girls my attempt at sewing machine and to say they laughed histerically is probably and now i think i'll be gettin a lesson or two... LOL.. but i absolutely love this.... wow.