Monday, May 31, 2010

R & R

Nothing like a bit of R & R to re-invigorate your 'everything'.... yep OK, some would argue that camping with 4 kids {one of which is a toddler, unable to keep still and drawn to the water like a magnet} is not considered rest and relaxation... I accept that criticism. It's more a case of having a break from the everyday I guess!! : )

There is still something very peaceful about camping right on the water, with no TV or music playing... and kids entertain themselves all day long without complaining about being bored or hungry... well - bored anyway!

The outlook

The typical campfire .... roast on a spit and veggies in the camp oven

The master of the spit in action

DD admiring the wildlife

... and I'm hoping those creative juices will also be rejuvenated!!


Leanne said...

sheesh! 4 kids (1 being a toddler) is a walk in the park!!!!! LOL!! Only kidding! I know exactly where you are coming from...x

Glad you got some R & R.

Leanne said...

glad you had a great time... i hope that you are so totally invigorated now.. you need all your energy for brissy in a week and a bit..yay.
sorry i dont get out much so i am REALLY looking forward to it..yay.