Monday, December 17, 2012

Off We Go!!!

Finally Day One has arrived!

Packed to the rafters (do campers have rafters?) .... mum, dad, 4 kids, 1 camper, 1 tent, waaaay too many clothes to cater for the 4 seasons we will be experiencing, 1 very dejected puppy with big sad puppy dog eyes as we locked the gate on him.... and bucket loads of excitement!

Day One was uneventful but long, with plenty of this type of scenery...

It will be interesting to compare and contrast the Central Queensland landscape to the Tassy landscape shots in a couple of weeks time!  :)

Day Two we reached Goondiwindi and met up with my mum and dad for the continued trip to Melbourne through the centre of NSW and Victoria.

Dubbo today for a two night stay, including a visit to the Dubbo Zoo tomorrow.  Ridiculous as it sounds, my kids have never been to the zoo!!  They are pretty excited right now... :)  The mercury has finally started to drop today and I took this as a positive sign....

The cool air that vapourised the fuel up there is bound to settle down here tonight, right?  That's what I'm counting on anyway!!

Hopefully I'll get some travel journal done in the next few days and have something more to share soon.

Cheers for now!



Lizzyc said...

Have a wonderful and safe trip!

pinking shears said...

That's a cool place for vacationing with families and friends. Hope you enjoyed a lot with beauty of nature.