Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Forgive Me Blogger....

...for I have sinned!  Yes, I know it's been a little while since I posted, but certainly not due to lack of interest!  :)

I'm excited to announce that my Miss Arts Class is now live!

I have been busy creating and planning and coping with family day to day happenings... not to mention the unexpected in-laws visit that resulted in a car accident en-route to us!  The result has been chaos in what was already a pretty chaotic existence.  All is well and back to normal now, but creatively, I have nothing to show for all my recent work, but suffice to say.... I can't wait for the Papercraft Expo in Brissy next month!!!  :))  I am so looking forward to catching up with all the gorgeous gals that contribute to this industry in so many ways.  Hope to see you there!!

Cheers for now,



Jasmine S said...

Looks exciting Jules. Love the sneaks.
And re the busy life....I hear ya sista......
I am hoping May will find some normality in our lives....I cannot keep going at this pace...lol.

Di Garling said...

Looks fab Julie, I have signed up with "Miss Arts" so I will have to make sure I catch this one while it is on. Signed up a month ago & did Solanges' class but have been sooo busy also that I haven't looked in since!!! Rather sad that all our lives are so hectic. Cheers Di x