Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Summing Up

Hello lovely friends....

So, the kids are back to school and settled in nicely.  The holidays are well and truely over.  The torrential rain and dark skies are making it impossible for me to photograph my layouts that are waiting patiently in my nook.  Lachie is now on the casual short list at day care for a bit of social interaction with his own age group.... and started his first day today!  I'm all alone... and completely at a loss as to what to do with myself!!  I could do some housework or cooking.....  or not!  :)

Instead, I decided to play with my holiday shots from ... omg, was it only just over a week ago that we came home?  Feels like weeks already.  We had such a fantastic time.  We spent two nights at Cania Gorge on the way to the coast, then a glorious week right on Moffat Beach at Caloundra, with fantastic views from our balcony (and the Day Spa right across the road... how fortuitous... lol), then a few more nights in Brisbane with my family before heading home.  DH and I even managed a night in the city on our own... completely on our own!!  Only happens about once a year, so we really enjoyed it while it lasted....  :)

1. Moffat Beach  2. Brothers  3. Bird feeding at Cania  4. The view from our Moffat balcony  5. Cousins re-unite  6. Bird chasing at Cania (grrr)  7. Me & Him relaxing  8. Cania water park fun  9. Spiderman

By far the most exciting and momentous event in January for one girl in particular though, was the removal of the braces last week!

Beautiful girl.
She is just so happy with them and flashing them off to anyone and everyone!  :)

And I must also share another shot of my other 'beautiful girl' competing (and coming second) in the Australia Day triathalon!!  Well done sweetheart.  Boys and girls all competed together this year, so it was really fabulous to see the girls taking out first and second place against all the boys too!

And finally, just cause it's cute, a shot of Lachy this morning before day care.  It will only be a one day a week thing (if that), and he was so happy to go.  No tears.  No 'don't go mummy'.  Nothing.  Just excitment.  So cute!

So, that's my month in a nutshell.  Sorry for all the family shots... hope you don't mind.  Just felt the need to share... :)

I can see the sun finally trying to peek it's head out for a look, so those layouts might get photographed today after all!  Best be off before it disappears again!

Cheers for now,



Leanne said...

Wow Jules! Looks like you all had a wonderful time! Funny thing.. we were soooo close to going to Cania Gorge these holidays! LOL! I'll have to get all the details from you!

Congrats to your amazing young "super-athlete"! Wow! What an achievement! Something to be very proud of indeed!

Thanks for sharing your family update...x

Cathy said...

Looks like you had a fab time.. your pics look fantastic!! I love the Sunshine Coast and am hoping to have a few days away with my Sis very soon for some girlie time! Congrats to your DD on her sporting achievement. :)) hugs