Monday, January 2, 2012

December Book of You

Hello Again... :)

The Winks household has been busy trying to catch up today, following all the general busy-ness of Christmas/birthday/New Years... it's a pretty big party week in this place!!  :) 

Somewhere in the middle of it all, I managed to scrap two layouts for my Book of You Kit project at The Boxx.  Out of necessity, they were really quick and simple layouts... no time for fiddling and playing.  Most of the time, my pages are a real labour of love and I actually enjoy fussy over them for a while.  Every now and then though, it's quite fun to see what you come up with when you don't overthink things.... just cut and stick.  And, difficult as it is for me to do, that is exactly what I did.  :)

The December Book of You is all about "The Things I Love About Christmas".

For me, Christmas means simply, spending time with my special people and really cherishing those everyday moments and taking the time to focus on the fundamentally important things... like just giving your children the gift of your time and attention. Only then can we really appreciate these special moments that might otherwise go un-noticed.

My first layout is all about a photo I took of my eldest son on Christmas Day this year. He’s a very active little man and just doesn’t stop from the moment his eyes open in the morning, until bed-time. It was nice to watch him find things to do on Christmas Day when we were camping at our local camping spot, especially in such a lovely tranquil setting.


My second layout is all about my youngest son. He gets away with soooo much more than his brother and sisters ever did at the same age.... even chocolate before breakfast on Christmas Day! I just adore the ‘and what are you going to do about it’ look on his face... although I know I shouldn’t! :)


Tutorials for these layouts are available to kit subscribers in the BOY Kit Group over at The Boxx.

This was my final BOY kit for now as I pass the flame on to Gina.  I'm absolutely certain you will love what Gina has in store.

Another busy week ahead with scrapping commitments, scheduling posts ... and packing for our holiday!!  I'm so looking forward to getting away... beach and day spa, here I come!  lol

Cheers for now,



Clémentine said...

Your first page is simply... waouhhhouuuu ! I really like it.

Gayle said...

Love you pages Julie, I know you say they are simple but you know the old saying, "less is more". They are subtle and beautiful and really tell the story. xx

Ebony van der Starre said...

love both of these!!! my second child gets away with far more than my first too!

alexandra s.m. said...

Happy New Year Julie!
Love Love your sense of balance, design and colors!
These two pages are very beautiful and inspiring!


glorygirl said...

Loooooove those pictures! They are the kind that can steal a momma's heart :)

sussipoppins said...

Love these LO's

Eila Sandberg said...

Even if you say they are simple there is no guessing who made them! you have a very special unswerving sense for colour and exquisite design that never ever fail. Love seeing both these cleaner pages that show exactly that! xoxox