Sunday, October 30, 2011

What's Goin' On..... our place?  Lots as always, but here are just a couple of highlights.

The long awaited new camper trailer has finally been introduced to it's new home!!  Yay.  DH made a quick trip down to the South East corner a couple of weeks ago to take delivery and drag it home.  Since then, he has been like a boy with a new lego set... lol.  I must say though, that I was not forgotten in the specifications.  I'm almost embarrassed to admit that it has a hot shower, toilet, solar power.... and air conditioning!  :)  Not exactly 'roughing it' huh?  lol

So far, we have all had a turn of sleeping in it in the back yard.  :)  Her maiden voyage is scheduled for next weekend, weather permitting.  Actually, even if the weather isn't fabulous, I'm sure DH will be determined to take off!

Last week, the annual Awards Night was also held at the High School, where miss Maddison was awarded with 2 awards for Academic Excellence in both English and Business, and an Award for Academic Excellent in a range of subjects.  Basically, that means top of the class in English and Business and A's in everything else.  Sorry for indulging in a little shameless bragging... but I just have to!!  :)  So proud.

Here is a very tired miss and her awards, following Relay For Life last night... she is certainly not firing on all cylinders this afternoon!

Maddison is now working part time at the newsagency, which is helping her save for her own laptop.... or guitar... or Taylor Swift concert tickets... or whatever it is now! lol  I'm sure most of it is going to clothes at the moment.

Other goings on include school dances, gymnastics, boxing classes, powerbar classes, dates with the treadmill, high school enrolment meetings (eeek... another one in high school!), drop offs and pick ups here, there and everywhere, haircuts, Orthodontic/shopping visits to Mackay..... and so on and so on!  It really is never ending isn't it?  :)

And I've been scrapping up a storm too... although I can't show anything just yet.

Oh, and just because I couldn't resist..

Don't ya just love Saturday mornings?
Can't watch cartoons without the Bob the Builder Helmet, Ben 10 Omnitrix and Boxer Shorts!! lol

Happy Sunday afternoon... or what's left of it.  I promised myself a little hammock time today... so its now or never!!

Thanks for stopping by.  I'll be back real soon!



Leanne J said...

happy hammock time... and OMG you may even be able to convince me to go camping if that was what i get to go in..LOL.... looks super fab..
and congrats to your DD she is gorgeous and wowzers on the awards....

Debbie Smith said...

Hey wow Jules! My DH wants to know what brand the trailer is???LOL!

Rachael Funnell said...

CONGRATS to your DD...
I would have to Admit I ENJOY the Creator comforts too......
Hot shower & toilet on TOP of my list!!!! LOL!
It looks GR8 & loads of FUN times ahead....xx
Enjoy your Hammock time!!!

Karen said...

That trailer looks jealous! I'd love tho know the make too. Congrats to your DD, what a great achievement!

janice said...

Wow, now that sounds like my idea of camping, love the hot shower and toilet. Looks fantastic.
Congrats to your daughter on all her achievements, that's fantastic.
Have a great week. xx

Leanne said...

Woot woo!! OMGosh! I am soooo coming camping with you! LOL! I'm not going to show Mark this post (cause he'll want to up-grade!!)

Congrats to your clever big girl! WTG! You have every right to be proud! That is an outstanding effort! wowee!

Thx again for all your help this week. This thing is actually happening! LOL! :s

Kylie said...

my hubby would lurrveee would i..oh to have a shower and are spoilt...hope the trip went great ....and i so admire your KIU challenge...very clever

Eila Sandberg said...

Tee hee what happened to a rickety tent and sleeping bags on a lumpy air mattress? that's my childhood memory of going camping. Thank you and amen for roughing it in your trailer!! I just say - WOWEE!! What an amazing achievement, congrats to your DD! and you just do all the bragging you can, sooo well deserved!xxxx