Friday, October 14, 2011


Remember me?  lol

I know I've been horribly negligent of my lovely blogging friends... and my blog for that matter.  In my defence, both sets of grandparents have visited in the last 4 weeks, in addition to some lovely friends.  I have waved goiodbye to the last of them this morning.  So we have essentially been busy catching up, spending time together (catering for and accommodating 8 and 10 instead of 6!!), settling back into the school routine and some 'new sports' that the girls have taken on... and basically just concentrating on family for a bit.

I did manage to squeeze this one in, in between visitors though...

{through my eyes}

 .... for the latest Colour Room palette:

I never have a problem putting orange and blue together  (some of you may already know that!  hehe)... but the magenta kinda threw me at first.  The idea was to use a small amount of it I think.

I just LOVE all the Prima Mistables atm... expect to see more of them!  :)

Sadly, my Canon had a little unexpected sabatical too!  I don't know why, but I just haven't touched it for a couple of weeks... and missed soooo many family opportunities. : ( 

Hoping it wasn't holding too much of a grudge, I let it out for a play yesterday.  So, in pictorial form, here are some of the things we've been up to:

A bit of water play....

A bit of togetherness...

A bit of this...
(yes, imagine her delight when she saw her name on them!)

A bit of that... 
(Claire now spends more time on her hands than on her feet!  lol)
 And a LOT of this...

I won't bang on about it too much, but I have lost 10kg in 5 weeks!!

I love feeling fitter and more motivated.
I love that I want to do more.
I love that the kids are seeing a healthier me.
I love that fitness is back in my everyday again ..... for good.

Hope you have all been well.

Bye for now,



Jasmine S said...

Oh So Clever. The eye in the frame is gorgeous and the pops of color perfect and the brick wall, yummy.
And good on the fitter healthier you.

Blossom inch said...

That is just gorgeous and brilliant idea and amazingly beautiful page...thanks for sharing.

Leanne said...

wowee! Firstly... Hello. How have you been? LOL! So glad you had some lovely family time. Busy family time! hee hee..

2nd. WOW!!! OMGosh! STUNNING LO! (did I say wow already?!)amazing..

and 3rd! YAY you!!! 10kg in 5wks! WTG!! Good to see you back online...x ;)

Felicity said...

That page is just GORGEOUS - it jumped at me in the release this week and love the eye photo!
sounds like a busy but lovely tome had.
just so great about healthier fitter you - well done!
enjoy your weekend x

Jenny said...

Oh my gosh Jules... your layout is divine... so love the framed eye... stunning... and congrats on the weight loss... inspirational :))

Jenny x

Rachael Funnell said...

SO L.O.V.E your Layout Jules.....
Just SENSATIONAL!! That pic of your Eye really POPS!!!
NO wonder your a DT for TCR.....
I did do This weeks TCR palette! YEP! already... LOL!
Not AS Gorgeous as your's BUT I DO love it!!!
& GO YOU!!for losing 10kg's..
Very Well done!!!
Have a FAB weekend... xx

Colleen B. said...

Congrats on the weight loss, thats awsome!!!! Gorgeous LO, love how you used the palette and the details are amazing :) The Prima resist canvas is a favourite of mine to!!! Glad you have enjoyed your family time, I haven't seen my dad in nearly 3 years :( But he is coming in a few weeks time for 12

Marelize said...

Your layout is stunning Jules. Such a clever idea and you've nailed the colour combo.
It sounds like you had hectic couple of weeks. Congrats on the weight loss!
Hope you have a lovely weekend. xx

Lydell said...

Gorgeous Julie! You nailed it!!!! FAR out 10 are amazing!!!! Pretty soon I am going to have gained 10 kg! I might have to talk to you in a few months!!! LOL

Treesa said...

WOW amazing layout, your work is so inspiring! Love the pics and you are allowed to brag for losing weight it feels sooo good hey! I've lost 12kg but it has taken me 14 weeks but im still so proud and so happy i can do so much more with the kids and they are learning good habits too!

janice said...

an amazing page Julie, the colour combo is fantastic, great framed photo too..... love it all.
well done on your weight loss....WTG!!! :) xx

Eila Sandberg said...

Crikey Jules, 10 kg in 5 weeks is heroic! WTG!!!
You certainly have been busy my dear, good to get back to the beaten everyday tracks again. Love 'em when they come, love 'em when they leave ;))
Just like Flis, I loved your page the sec I saw it over at TCR. Beautiful eyes you've got Mrs W! Had no idea the white pattern on the mistables is the resist bit, looks stunning all of it! Much love to ya, E xx

sarah martin said...

This layout is jaw dropping Jules. Love it! The textures are amazing. And you certainly did great justice to the colour scheme.

Congrats on your weight loss in 5 weeks! Wow!


Mardi said...

Lovely to read an update Jules...and even when you are busy with guests and life you manage to scrap a GORGEOUS layout too.

Now.... omgosh.....what an awesome result...10kg in 5 weeks is amazing...go you!!!
Well done...
Mardi xx

Ebony van der Starre said...

WOW! congrats on the weight loss.....awesome job!
Love the eye LO! Amazing!!!

Tanya Tahir said...

The eye layout is so strikingly beautiful! I love this idea!

Hey 10kgs in 5 weeks is an amazing effort! I am taking care of myself too and have lost 5kgs in 5 weeks. I thought that was pretty good but wow, 10 is just incredible - well done! My goal is to lose 10kgs so I am half way there and cannot wait till summer to show off my much lighter frame hehe :) A few people have already noticed I have lost weight...