Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Boxx 'Book of You' Kit

Okay, so the 'Book of You' kit over at the Boxx is my baby for the next 6 months, and this is my first one!  Please tell me what you think!  :))  The kit itself is a real mish mash of goodies including LYB, Lilybee, 7Gypsies Conservatory and Pink Paislee pp's, tissue tape, LYB Bliss lacecut frame, Kaisercraft Blooms, Scrapware chippy alphas and a couple of sheets of cardstock too.

This month is all about 'Things I Remember'. Things from your childhood that might be tucked away in all the nooks and crannies of our memories. Things that we may not think of on a regular basis. Things that we risk loosing forever if we don't get them down on paper!

{things i remember}

A little bit different for me but for my first layout I have employed what I call a 'blind typing' kind of technique. Just type all the things that come to mind. Don't look at the monitor, don't correct grammar or spelling... just type. Let your mind wander through the years, starting with your earliest memories and slowly moving forward. They can be events, things, people or feelings. I've gone up to the age of 10 or 11. You could even do one layout for every decade if you like. You'll be surprised what you come up with. Leave the corrections and formatting until last. For my first layout, I've formed my journaling into 'thought bubbles'. I have simply done this in Word, using the space bar and overlaying a circle shape with no fill ie. transparent. It takes a little fiddling, especially where your circles overlap, but it is worth persevering.

{home away from home}

A return to my 'normal' style, for my second layout, I decided to extract one of those memories and highlight it in a page of it's own. I was really surprised by how much I remember from the three years I spent in England as a child, so I found a photo of the town we lived in {Warminster, Wiltshire} and dedicated a page to it ... I even found our old house on Google Earth! lol.

I really enjoyed the whole process and, if you decide to play along, I hope it helps you retrieve some long forgotten, treasured memories.

Thanks for stopping by again.  Promise to be back real soon...  :)



Jasmine S said...

They are both fantastic. I love the idea of the thought bubbles. I have often wondered why I cannot recall a lot from my childhood but maybe if I try this idea, it might come back a bit.
And gotta love Google Earth. What a fab memory to document.
And I am up to part 3 of your videos. Will have another looksee tonight and try and make a start on a LO. Have gathered some bits and pieces for it...
They have been wonderful so far.

Marelize said...

Wow! These are both stunning layouts Jules!! I love your approach with the first one and the circle journalling looks great! The colours on your second layout are awesome.
Hope you have a great weekend. :)

Natalie Elphinstone said...

These are both fantastic! I've just been thinking lately about trying to get some childhood memories down in scrap form :-) What a great method, and also some astoundingly beautiful pages. Love these. Thanks for the inspiration. xxx

Heather Jacob said...

I love coming here Jules .. your work is always so amazing .. you have the MIDAS touch with shabby chic .... love ALL your work, and I can always pick your pages, sooooooooo distinctive, arty and beautiful ... hugz x

Kylie said...

They are both great pages that reflect you Julie....i love how you have done both...i love the circles and how they look like a memory bubble

Christine said...

I absolutely love both of those Jules. I think there would be a scrapbook page in almost every memory you jotted down!

Hey, my sister did her gap year at a school in Warminster!

Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my blog. I made the cake pops after being inspired by a website called bakerella....amazing stuff it was a bit too tricky for me, but the kids didn't seem to mind!

Melinda said...

Oh my gosh....these take my breath away Jules!!! The colours and the awesome design and idea of the first one is so inspirational!! STUNNING work as always :))xx

Belinda Lowe said...

They are amazing Julz - I have the HOT little kit in my possession and I can't wait to have a chance to get my teeth into it

Cathy said...

Both of your LO's are amazing as usual Jules... love what you've done with the kit.. just gorgeous!! Have a fab week :)))

sarah martin said...

What stunning layouts! What a fabulous idea for journalling your memories.
I love your style so much, so inspirational.

Eila Sandberg said...

Always come for a peek when I need some inspiration extra ordinaire or to just have some beautiful food for my soul. Nectar for the gods I say looking at both your pages! Echoing Jas in the lack of my old childhood memories. Fab idea with the bubbles! The second one got me gawping again. Such an incredibly amazing layout to die for in every way, have to go back and stare at it for some more. *twinkle twinkle* ;)))