Friday, July 1, 2011

Going Circle Mad!!

Yep... circles are the flavour of the month... and it's going to get worse!! lol

Complete co-incidence really.  I didn't even realise I was doing it.  I looked at my layouts to share for this post and realised there is definitely a theme happening here  lol ... and my next share is all about circles too!!  oh well, when you're on to a good thing... hehe

First up is KIU.  We have an inspo pic for you this month, and it is just gorgeous.  Not quite sure how this:

{nothing but footprints}

came from this:

... but I was purely inspired by the colours, and, due to the fact that we now live over 2 hours inland, every time i see blue i think of the much loved and missed beach and coastline...  :(   I just loved doing this layout...  :)  Never able to leave a blank background alone, I used a big old coarse sea sponge to apply some gesso and cream paint, then sprayed various gimmermist colours in 'pools' on the page to create a bit of a water damaged effect, then inked up my Kaiser script stamp and went mad!  The Scrapfx chippy circle cluster worked really well with the hambly circle overlays to accentuate the whole circles theme.  Oh, and that beautiful Prima mistable canvas that i completely botched during another layout ended up making a great backing feature and petals! :)

Then there is the new palette over at TCR:

... which prompted this:


I know i said i was done with wedding photos, but i couldn't help it!  :)   I really enjoyed this one too... circles must make me happy  :)  First I laid down a mat of muslin on some scrapes of gesso, then stitched through the muslin and positioned the 7Gypsies Gears and painted them with gesso and glimmermist for a bit of rustic appeal.  Oh, and if you haven't seen the GCD Studios 'soul food collection' paper by Melody Ross, you really should get yourself some.  It is stunning!  Amazing texture, depth and natural colours.  I am in love!

Oh, and just in case you hadn't heard yet, there is a CT Call happening over at Stuck?! Sketches, so if you have been thinking of getting on board with a fantastic challenge site and would like to be a part of a fantastic team, then consider giving this a go.  Head on over here for a look at the requirements.

And finally, just thought i'd finish off with some random 'everydayness' from around my place right now.  Stuff that makes me smile in spite of myself....

.... the king and queen of DS, playing separate games, but still fnd it necessary to almost sit on each other's lap while playing. love it.
.... a Wii remote on the stovetop as I'm starting to prepare dinner. where else would it be?
.... the coffee table, where anything other than a coffee cup takes up residence.
.... lego on every flat surface of the house. seriously. every flat surface. 
.... the top of the coffee machine, where you will find my favourite cup and Troy's favourite mug. an enamel camping mug. seriously. he won't drink out of anything else!
.... said coffee machine. my absolute favourite kitchen appliance, bar none! 
yep... reason to smile!

Thanks for stopping by lovely ladies.... sorry it was a bit long winded  :))

I've scheduled this post and am in the 'big smoke' right now with the kids.  It's the obligatory School Holidays Movie Trip, but we are overnighting so yours truely can fit in some shopping too!  lol 

Have a fabulous weekend.



Jasmine S said...

I LOVE CIRCLES and you certainly know how to use them. LOVE them both. Just dreamy and beautiful.
Love the randomness. I think I could find the exact same at my house right now. Except a bit messier. I will get back to it later. Really.

knopkiniukai said...

thanks for the smiles :), my home looks like yours :))) Wii and Lego and all other games are scattered everywhere.
And you works is dreamy and gorgeous gorgeous!

Lean said...

wonderful and beautiful work you make.

Marelize said...

Wow! Stunning creations Jules! Your work is just so inspiring! I love circles too. :)

BabyBokChoy said...

So am I in love, with your texturizing and with your circles. I wish I can scrap like you, really I mean it. I can't think that way, in circles and texture, these are beautiful!!!

Dolly B said...

OMGosh Jules your layouts are just DIVINE! Truly beautiful X

Bianca Ribeiro said...

I really love your work! Wonderful!

Bi Ribeiro

janice said...

Wow, Gorgeous pages Julie.... sigh!!
Love all the circles... thanks for the inspiration... must give them a go. x

LISA said...

You make circles look GORGEOUS!! I just love the way you have placed them along the page!! Beautiful!!

MARILYN said...

Awesome pages, Jules!! love how you played with the circles..Beautiful work!! Hugs!! :D

Pd, the Lego's toy remember me some years ago...when I had a little boy... !!

Christine said...

Love your circle work, and all those layers of gesso and mist look amazing!

Melinda said...

Sigh...sigh...sigh...simply STUNNING Jules! Don't think I could ever get tired of you doing circles...the top on would have to be a new fav of truely are full of amazing inspiration! Love all your everyday randomness and enjoy every moment in the 'big smoke' Take care xx :))))

Debbie Smith said...

Hi Julie, I love your pages and all the layers and distressed edges. And oh I love the muslin, so feminine!

Puskis said...

I just fell in love with "nothing but footprints", it's so amazing, so inspiring!!! I need to tray to do something like that, because it's so amazing!!! Thanks for sharing your works, they inspire more than everything else!!!

amanda hall said...

WOW - love your 'nothing but footprints' layout. It is incredible. Absolutely incredible

Tanyah Payne said...

ABSOLUTELY ADORE YOUR WORK!... wow your so tallented and LOVE everything you do!.... love what you have done with circles too! will be checking out your blog more often! :) Thankyou for the inspiration! x