Friday, July 22, 2011

Girly Grunge...

The new palette is up over at The Colour Room and I have to admit to feeling a little intimidated by it at first.  I'm not a massive fan of pink, despite having two girls, so always feel like I'm going to botch a layout when I use pink.  It's big saving grace for me however was the neutrals that accompanied it.  Pink and neutral I can handle... it allows me to 'grunge' things up a little.  So grunge I did!  :)  The other DT pages are AMAZING!!  It's such a talent pool over there... go on over and have a little peak.

{beautifully complicated}

Just to add to my discomfort was the fact that I also opted to go the very florally route.  I love flowers, however generally use them sparingly for a touch of prettiness, rather than make them a major design feature.  I discovered this new 'Authentic' range of pp at my LSS (loosely referred to as 'local' in this context.. it's a 450km round trip!!) ... and saw it's 'fussy cutting' potential immediately.  Okay, maybe it's not new, but I haven't seen it before.... :)

I also scraplifted myself!  Can you guess which one?  :))  If you are a little strapped for time, lift yourself I say! lol.  If you liked one of your own designs, or for some reason it just worked, why not recycle it huh?

This is an old photo of Claire playing dress up's in readiness for her 'cupid' character at one of my work parties years ago.  She clearly did not want to pose for photos in the beginning and had the 'sook face' firmly in place... then right at the end I managed to captured a rather 'fallen angel face' instead!!

SSSooooo... onto the closies:

... and the palette:

Oh, and also.... TCR has been adding to it's unbelieveable DT talent pool.  Head on over and have a little lookie at the new lovelies!!

And finally, just because I've been enjoying my weekly 'things that make me smile' segments of my random everydayness ....  and because I know, in years to come, I'll re-read these little treasures and get a real lift.

Whilst shaking excess crumbs out of the toaster the other day, I thought something in there sounded a little bit too solid to be the last vestiges of the good old seeded wholemeal.  Look what I dug out....


Poor Coop's favourite scuba diving lego man, replete with oxygen tank and diving belt, looking something like Two Face from 'Batman: The Dark Night'.  Poor, scorched little critter, a mere shell of it's former action man glory.  Oh, little brothers can be soooo painful at times!! :)  Despite the potential danger to house and home, I still couldn't help but smile.

Hope you all find little reasons to smile this weekend....

Thanks for popping in,


ps.... thought I was going without a sneak didn't you?   :)



Kim said...

SUpER gorgeous!!!!and thanks for the blog love over at my place....needed it.
I know TCR talent just blows me away everytime....awesome stuff...and holy c@#p batman or in this case scubaman...that's one mutant scubaman, now..hehehe!
My two youngest boys are into Angry Birds,atm (it's a iphone game which now has stuffed toy's ect...sold in the shops...grr!) ...go figure????
Anyways Jules keep up the awesomeness and have a great w/end. I'm heading to Annette's again on Sat to create.

Felicity said...

by golly ANOTHER Super inspriing page. Love that little tip of scraplifting yourself ;).Had a chuckle at the lego man - was little brother in trouble off big brother? Boys uh! never dull is it.
have an awesome weekend x

janice nicholls said...

Super stunning page Julie... love, love, love everything....I so wish I could scrap like you...your work is amazing.
Poor little lego man......I had to smile to when I read what happened.
I would love to have a go to do your Miss Arts page...looks super amazing... looking forward to hearing more about it... not sure if its to advanced for me though...still thinking!!
Have a lovely weekend. xx

Jasmine S said...

Well I think you do pink just fine my dear. Love that sooky face. Super cute. Great grungy feel to it.
And speaking of things in toasters. I went out one day and left DH to look after the kids which is fine but usually I have the food all ready to go (he is no Masterchef at all). He decided to make them toast. Easy? Well not when you have dropped the remote from the iPod docking station in there too......really! Kids had a great time telling me how the smoke alarms went off.

Heather Jacob said...

wow wow wow !!! not enough words to describe this one, Jules ... amazing, beautiful, creative, stunning, awesome... and very yummy ... hugz x

:) Tiff said...

Now this is going to sound a little funny Julie. Janice and I are BFF's and I see her scrapwork a lot. She inspires me and through her, you've inspired me.
Janice's confidence with roughing it up has blossomed so much and she's been scrapping more than ever since she found you on the Boxx.
I love your work, and so wish I could create the beautful pieces that you have mastered with your individual style, but try as I might, without directly lifting from you, my work is linear and clean (ish). But through Janice's and your pages, I may just have to break into the first aid box and find that gauze. So thank you for the eye candy. tiffxx

Cathy said...

WOW another stunning page Jules.. you do pink beautifully!! You know how much I love fussy cutting and this is gorgeous.. loving that new paper range.. it's on my list!! Have a fab weekend :)))

knopkiniukai said...

Gorgeous ! Your lift is from this one Gorgeous LO :)
I love your works!

Fiona Davis said...

Love the layout Julie, as I do all your layouts. Can I ask the name of you local scrap shop as I so want some of that Authentique paper but my local doesnt stock it. Thanks Fiona

Jules said...

hello fiona... sorry, you didn't leave me with a contact, so i hope you re-visit to read this. My lss is Magical Mormories in Mackay, but a great online store that has a full range can be found here:
Thanks for the love... jules x

Anthea said...

Totally loving it!! you have used the pink sooo well! Thanks for popping by my blog!! Xx

Melinda said...

GASP!!! This is soooo STUNNING!!!! I love that paper range...wish I had some females to scrap!!! Your distressing and grunge is to die for! Love the sneak peak too! Have a great week :))xx

Eila Sandberg said...

*giggle* you had me in hysterics over the toasted lego man and reading Jasmine's comment about the remote in their toaster was a blast too. Seems having kids sure is a roller coaster but never boring huh! 450 km - right! that would take me almost halfway through this little country of ours and still it takes me an hour by tube (one way) to commute to work across the city. Pink or no pink, everything you touch turns into gold Jules!! xoxoxo

Susan Longman said...

love the page and the background stamping effect is my favourite :)