Monday, March 21, 2011

Play Time!

First of all... i just wanted to say a big 'HELLO' to all those lovely people who have added me to their list of blogs to follow over these last few days.  It' so nice to have you here and i appreciate all the amazing comments that you have ALL left during TCR blog hop.  It was clearly a resounding success and i am so proud to be with such an amazingly talented team of ladies.  Just unbelieveable!  {make sure you pop over and check out palette #50 and give it a go!}....

I had a fun time playing this weekend.  DH was off camping with DS#1, which left the girls and i at home to fend for ourselves...  ;-)  sorry Lachlan! 

Claire had a friend over for a night of Harry Potter, Maddi studied for exams {and mum kept throwing her off facebook to continue said study}... and mum played!! Lachie alternated between us all, but i'm sure he would much rather have been running around in the bush keeping his dad on his toes!!  hmm... I guess those apron strings are still firmly in place with that little guy!  lol...

Here's a peak at what i got up to:

I had so much fun with these little lovelies... and it's given me an idea for a bit of a project!!  ;-))))

Just a reminder too ladies of what's going on this Friday night!!!

Be there, or be doing something nowhere near as much fun!!! hehe




Heather Jacob said...

I love visiting your blog Julie ... so innovative and original artwork.... I adore your style so authentic and full of magic and inspiration...beautiful..hugz x

you are the queen of white space.. love it ..

Jessemiah said...

YAY!!! So can't wait for the Boxx CC....I've got a hair appointment on Sat...wonder if they'll let me bring my scrappy stuff LOL Love and Peace xox

Kim said...

Jules! You have reached 100 followers!!!

Felicity said...

wahooo at the girls weekend and playing, hope your hubby and son enjoyed there time too.
TOTALLY love the sneaks too.

Melinda said...

oooh I recognise these ;) ;) LOVE LOVE what you sent me...THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Can't wait to use them! MWAH!! xx :))