Thursday, March 10, 2011


A little toot!

I'm having the most amazing month.  First TCR DT.... now I'm published!

I bought two magazines yesterday.... and i had layouts in both!!  woohoo!  First time for me ... i had two cards published in SBM last month, but this is the first layout... two layouts actually!  .... and i had a layout in the sketch feature in SC!

Even last night's discovery couldn't completely dispell the 'natural high' ... while fixing dinner, i turned to face the bench, only to find this:

Yep... that's my layout under there!  Of all the pages to deface, it just had to be that one!! The culprit had long since high tailed it outta there...  {sigh}... BOYS!!

Busy with household stuff and scrapping commitments atm, but hope to have something to share soon.

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Heather Jacob said...

oooohhh jules !!!!!!! I shouldn't laugh but I must confess it did bring a smile to my face .... I remember when my Daughter Tara was little and she completely stripped my prize winning fern.. I received 1st prize for it and guess what !!!hadn't taken a photo yet !!!! I learned a valuable lesson from this was funny once I got past the inital shock !!!!
lets hope you can buy another one.. dont take it personal maybe they were trying to copy mum's artwork ?? LOL

love your work Jules it is truly sensational ... take care Jules and big hugz x

Leanne said...

You are truly on a sensational ride!! Woot woo!! WTG Jules!

But what a cheeky monster you have lurking in your house!!! (LOL!) I'm sure you'll be able to get another mag....x

Jasmine S said...

Congrats on your fab month and I think DS just wanted to show his Mummy that he was an artist, just like her. I think this will be great to have in years to come.....too cute.

Kerri said...

Congratulations Julie... so well deserved. All your layouts are beautiful!

Melinda said...

You are on fire lately Jules but you totally deserve the limelight! Keep on doing what you are doing :)) need to say anything more to me!!! Too cute tho :) xx

Felicity said...

skippety dooo darr.. Go Jules :))) totally not complaining about seeing your work, the more the better. :))
Its super dupa aaaamazing :))

lol at the cheeky lil man, made me giggle to. The things boys do uh..
Thanks for always stopping by my blog too.

Kim said... are a rocking alright!!!
I was in the newsagency yesterday, looked at scrapbooking memories and scrapbook creations (your layouts)...thought to myself..i'll just get SM...then went back this morn to get SC just so I could check out your glorious LO of you and hubby. Ohhh! I sound stalkerish????
...and your cheeky little monkey he just wanted to add his little touch!!
Congratz Jules.....your scrapping is too awesome. In the words of Sandra.W. World domination..You go girl!!

Cathy said...

Huge congrats Jules.. but I'm really not surprised.. your creations are awesome!!
So funny... you just have to laugh.. cheeky boy!! :)

Colleen B. said...

Sorry I had a bit of a giggle too, boys keep us on our toes :)
Congrats on being published, so exciting!!!!

Dolly B said...

A huge congrats Julie, so totally deserved. Your work is amazing, they will be knocking your door down now.Congrats on the DT as well.
I think your little one just wants to be a artist like his mum, you will have to keep it and show him when he is famous how he started. Love your work, its totally amazing and beautiful
Mary x

Chloe :-) said...

CONGRATS on the publications :-) your work is very inspiring :-)

Tanya Tahir said...

OH NO cheeky boys!!! I have two of them so I'm hearing ya on the BOYS!! God love them ;)

Hugest congrats to you on your publication news. So well deserved, your work is awesome and inspiring in sooo many ways :)

Karen Shady said...

I saw your beutiful work in both mags :) congrats super star... LOL, I had to giggle about the 'artist at work' I have 4 of them, gotta love em !!!! or you would kill em !!!!!